2016 Elections: America’s 1st Battle of the Sexes

October 5th, 1789…they were only 7,000 women, then…but no one was about to stop them! “The Women’s March on Versailles” just shows what a group of frustrated, angry, and hostile women can accomplish when push comes to shove. At that time, it was the chronic shortage of Bread, the high price, and the hunger that ran throughout a Nation where income inequality heavily favored the French Aristocracy.

Let them eat Cake! Like Louis and Marie, Donald Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about a populace that’s not financially as fortunate as he ‘claims’ himself to be. His 4 days of Trump Infomercials was not about what his Policies are going to be, or what he’s going to accomplish as President for the “good” of the People…there are no viable Policies for the GOP to run with, besides, he’s already stated that he doesn’t need Policies to run a Country!…it was a Coronation of a Rich Fascist thin-skinned narcissistic Demagogue, a man whose only constant in life is to walk, talk, brag, and show off how wealthy he is!

There’s an astonishing situation that involves this 2016 General Elections. You have a man…actually 2 men. In Donald Trump, you have a wife abuser who gets away with murder every time because when $$$ speaks…good rich expensive lawyers answer the call! Well, at least The Donald can now rape all his wives, cause “there’s no such thing as Marital Rape”. He’s a Sociopath, a Misogynist, and a Gynephobe. A sexist extraordinaire, who openly treats women with foul language and complete utter disrespect…a good old fashioned Male Chauvinist Pig!

On the bottom end of the ticket, you have Mike “Boycott Indiana” Pence, a big anti-abortion champ…the very first words out of his mouth? “I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history”
Yes! Yes! Yes! the perfect partner in crime for Le Grande Orange…this Platinum Blonde gentleman blends in well with the Trumpster’s YellowOrange combover…he wants the ‘state’ to have the right to control a woman’s body…I guess it’ll be a “crime” for a woman to make her own human rights decision, and in Texas, you cannot even ‘legally’ have a “Critical Thought” on the subject at hand. I guess it’s back to those old coat hangers, again!!

And it’s not just Women in Mike Pence’s creepy mind…he’s a fervent Religious zealot on the issue of the LBGTQ Community…as for Mike Pence, a raging homophobe, they should not even exist in his little close-minded world. Why is Gov. Mike Pence really running for VP? getting your butt kicked in the Polls for re-election in Indiana makes running for VP, an excellent choice.

Crossing paths in this year’s elections is the 1st Woman ever nominated for the Presidency by a major Political Party in US History. Someone, who in the midst of these elections, ends up facing a rabid Sociopath and bully who prefers to turn this election into a truly Male-Female confrontational spectacle.
The 1st true Political Battle of the Sexes. The fact? the core of his support comes from Socially Conservative White Males and White Supremacists who believe a woman’s ‘place’ is in the home, to cook and serve her Master.The Trump/Pence Ticket is running under the most Anti-Feminist, Anti-Human Rights, and Extremist campaign platform in American Political History, just remember that!

Are women taking Trump’s Follies, lightly? You’re right, they’re not…the GOP’s War on Women continues…and Women are coming together, both Republican and Democrats, standing together side by side in a very Bi-Partisan effort, all for Women’s Equality!
Never have we seen women from every Race, Color, Creed, and Political affiliation, unite under one single cause. This is an election where the GOP’s favorite topic, the Economy, has been pretty much pushed aside in favor of an all-out slugfest of assorted hateful political rhetoric.

And women? Polls show Trump has been losing the women Vote from the very start…listening to his “Believe Me” horseshit, viewing the lack of Civility, Manners, and his total lack of Respect for women that comes out of this foul-mouthed degenerate character, and seeing the visions of both Trump & Pence…Conservative and Moderate Women are running away from the Grand Old Party as quick as you can say “Plagiarism”!

A Group of 50 Republican Women Activists, are joining Democratic Women Activists in a coalition to stop Donald Trump…forming a network to recruit more women…both Dems and Republicans, and mobilize their Communities to go out and get the votes…and Vote against Donald Trump.A bi-partisan Women’s Movement, not just to elect the 1st Woman President in US History…but to stop someone with a relatively poor education, a little man who attended the best schools daddy can pay for, but the schooling never ever got to him…a totally unqualified human being, and a certifiable business loser with a long public list of failures, from becoming our next American President. In Trump’s case, cause his love for Fascism…our 1st American Führer.

If there’s one single demographic in today’s American Society that will show who wins this November, is the Women Vote…will the GOP’s most draconian platform in History, sustain after 2016? Will a little civility take place during and/or after the elections are over? In the “October March”, women picked up Pitchforks and Canons, and it can pretty well be said; it was the Women of France who 1st came forth to fight for their own rights and liberties…yup! no more cake after that Revolution!

The Trumpster should know better, after cheating on wife #1 with future wife #2, and then, doing it again! with wife #3!…he should know better! How macho is Donald Trump when facing thousands angry women face to face? 227 years ago in France, Women stood up for their rights and won! Today? at least they’re coming out without the Pitchforks!

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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