American Treason: An Immoral Quisling & His GOP Sycophants

“A Nation can survive its Fools, and even the Ambitious, But it cannot survive Treason from within” ~~ Cicero

On Aug.17th, 2016: …2.5 Months before the General Elections, Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign were first warned by the FBI on Vladimir Putin and Russian Election Interference.

On Jan. 6th, 2017: …2 weeks before being sworn in as President…the Intelligence Community, including National Intelligence, National Security Agency, CIA, and FBI met Donald Trump at Trump Tower where he received Classified & Non-classified Information on the Russian Hacking and the extent of involvement during Primaries and the General Elections…confirming that Putin directed a vast Cyber-attack aimed at denying Clinton the Presidency and installing Trump in the Oval Office.

That same report was given to Barack Obama, Pelosi, Ryan, and Mitch McConnell So! Since Trump and the GOP knew from the very beginning…why all this Fake News & Witch Hunt BS? Why would they continue? GUILT!! It’s all that, the standard White House answer; All is Fake Info and Fabrication by the FBI & Mueller…and all organized by Barack Obama and Crooked Hillary?!?!

We have a Quisling in the White House!!!…an Immoral Degenerate Puppet, directly working for and manipulated by a Foreign Power, dividing a Nation with Racism, Fear, and Hate, while allowing that Foreign Govt to spy and intervene on his behalf. And then, by lying and denying the existence of Russians being involved?…the case for “Obstruction of Justice” has become very real.

The most cowardly group of Politicos in American History…today’s GOP Sycophants lack the Cojones to oppose a mentally & emotionally disturbed, totally unqualified, narcissistic psychopath. They support his Xenophobia, his Homophobia, his Misogynistic ways, his Decadence, where being Rude, Crude, and Lewd is ‘their’ way of life. Decency & Respect is not part of their vocabulary, there’s no such thing as Empathy in their ranks. The American norm has all been replaced by Indecency, Disrespect, Anti-Altruism, Vulgarity, and Cruelty.

It’s been 2 times…not Once, but Twice!… 2.5 months before the Elections and 2 weeks before being sworn-in as President! It’s time for this Horseshit “Witch Hunt” storyline to come to a close! The Cat…or in this case, the Orange Orangutan…is out of the bag! Practical Reality really must suck for a man living in his very own Illusionary World.

His continued support for an Evil Manipulative Assassin…openly siding with Vladimir Putin in front of the entire world and against his own American Intelligence Community, showed his total allegiance to Russia. “Treason”! by any other word…it’s become the major Sound-Byte around D.C. these days. And the cry for Treason is not just by Democrats, but also by major Republican Politicos, Writers, and Pundits!

It’s been a constant deluge as the shit keeps hitting the fan and bouncing it all off on Donald Trump! The evidence of his troubles with Mueller, Manafort, Michael Cohen, Stormy, Don Jr, the Wall, and Immigration; Donny is desperate, and when his desperate, he takes desperate measures…usually, extremely asinine…but desperate, anyway. His continuous war on America’s Intelligence Community and the Dept of Justice has gone one up. He wants to Revoke Security Clearances from Brennan, Hayden, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, and Rice…pretty much his way to shut up the intelligence community, or anyone else who doesn’t either follow the official White House faux schpiel, or disagrees with Heir Trump!

Meanwhile, the GOP House -aka- Southern Russian District of the US…since Day #1 have been trying to obstruct justice in whatever way possible. They even terminated their investigation by concluding in the Trump-Russia probe, Trump and Putin never interfered in any way whatsoever with the 2016 Elections…never! never! never!

Now, those GOP House Comrades…the group that makes up the Batshit Wing of the GOP decided it was time to introduce Articles of Impeachment on Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Comrades Devin Nunes, Louis Gohmert, and Jim Jordan…along with 8 more Traitors, signed…225 Republicans including Paul Ryan and the Party’s Leadership refused to sign up with that absurd plan! The crazies still plan to introduce it and call for a vote, that’s probably DOA.

All this shows how openly, and to what extent, the GOP is working to Obstruct Justice or Discredit the Mueller Investigation…not just a cover-up for Trump…but all their own assorted political crimes and dealings with Russian Oligarchs working directly with Putin. Example: Dana “Putin’s Congressman” Rohrabacher

Disturbing Thoughts when you see the amount of relationships spread out between Trump Campaign Associates, Trump’s Personal Associates, other Politicos, Russian & American Oligarchs, and Russian Spies…all co-mingling, along with your assorted mobsters…from Russia to the United States. How disturbing? So far, 327 people! all connected with each other in this Federal Investigation. According to Politico and broken down into 2 Categories:


  • 82 Trump Associates from the 2016 Trump Campaign
  • 46 are Lawyers
  • 35 Current or Former Trump Adm. Officials
  • 26 Served on the Transition Team
  • 14 have ties to the Trump Org.

Foreign Nationals

  • 87 Foreign Nationals
  • 68 with ties to Russia

Forget We, the People…We, the White House and Me, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…himself, an Intelligence expert…has absolutely no idea or clue what the hell Trump is doing! He makes up policies on the fly: 1) Invites Putin to Washington 2) Blames Russia for 2016 Election attack, but never mentions Putin. 3) Withdraws Invitation till; “After the Witch Hunt is over”.4) Putin invites him to Moscow 5) Repeats Russia was responsible 6) Calls it a Witch Hunt…nothing happened and Russia’s involvement is a hoax!

Desperate men say desperate things, and an unhinged Donald Trump will say anything and do anything to stop the Mueller Investigation. But, the Helsinki Summit really showed who the true Donald Trump is. This stable genius became the 1st American President to commit Political Fellatio with the Evil Empire Personified in front of the entire world!…why does Neville Chamberlain’s little Tit-a-tete with Adolf keeps coming to mind?

When is enough, enough? Only imbecilic uneducated morons believe Russia & Trump didn’t collude…which was a word Trump first used, and it stuck. Collusion may or may not be a Legal term, but if the definition is right; “To act together, often in secret, to achieve an illegal or improper purpose”. If you even talk about it with Agents of a Foreign Country…that “Collusion” certainly becomes “Conspiracy against the United States”, and that’s TREASON. .Giving “Aid & Comfort” to Vladimir Putin is TREASON!

Edward R Morrow once said; “No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices”. America foolishly allowed this Quisling to become President, and foolishly allowed his sick Republican Sycophants to hold on to Power.

America!…we’re living in an increasing Authoritarian World with a man occupying the White House who aside from destabilizing American Democracy and dividing our own Nation against each other…is trying to destabilize the World! The United Kingdom, the Brexit deal, The European Union, NATO, G-7, G-20, Paris Climate Agreement , and the Iran Nuclear Deal….and that is just to mention a few. All, while supporting Extreme Right Wing Nationalist Movements around the Globe.

Just what the Puppet Master wanted all along, divide America and divide the Free World! There’s nothing good or decent about the President of the United States…a Traitor who betrayed his Country and an embarrassment to America’s History. And yes! Until he’s Convicted and the GOP is out of power…We, the People are his accomplice!

Written by

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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