America’s Enemy: A Free Press or Trump’s Fascism?

RF Schatten
5 min readFeb 21, 2017


“Our Liberty depends on Freedom of the Press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. Where the Press is Free, and every man able to read, all is safe” ~~~ Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a notorious believer of a Free and Independent Press. Those standards remained fairly respectable for all these years…till Donald J Trump appeared on the scene and lowered ‘that bar’ right down to his level. Screw Thomas Jefferson…and every other President that understood and respected the Fourth Estate. Why would he respect it, when he doesn’t respect anyone or anything? He’s the most disrespectful and disgraceful President in US History!

Donald Trump, who always keeps a copy of “My New Order”, a collection of Adolf Hitler’s Speeches on his nightstand, has officially declared an unprecedented War on the American Free Press…and the Institution in general, since the BBC is now “Fake News”, too. “The Media is the Enemy of the American People”!

For the 1st time in American History, our Country has a President that vilifies and disrespects the Press…hey, it’s just President Drumpf following the footsteps of Adolf Hitler’s “Lugenpresse” (Lying Press) cry!

Yes! Adolf Schicklgruber, and his cries condemning the Press as the “Enemy of the State”. And like Vladimir Lenin…Trump wouldn’t mind whatsoever, the censorship, the shutdown, or the elimination of our Free Press.

The Media (Press) is the Enemy of the American People?? Very profound words!…since the Press represents the Voice of We, the People…he’s pretty much, declaring war against America!!

If he’s going to Make America Great Again, he has to destroy our Greatness first…but, to make it Great Again?…it’s going to take way, way more than another of Trump’s Con to put this Country back together.

The Trump Administration’s systematic agenda to silence it’s critics…primarily, a hostile Press…is Part 1 of the Big Picture, as seen through the visions of Steve Bannon and carried out by a Stooge. At the same time, Putin is playing Trump for the Fool he really is…while the world watches and wonders when, or if ever, America will wake up from their catatonic state of Stupidity and Ignorance, fire his sorry ass, and evict him from the White House!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Without Freedom of the Press, there’s no Freedom of Speech!

Our Republic has lasted 241 years because for 241 years ‘our’ Free Press has kept the Government in check.

Now, the Trump Administration has declared War on the Press…Attacking and Vilifying the Freedoms of the Fourth Estate, while promoting an agenda of mass misinformation and distortion never seen before.

Our Constitution is under attack! our 1st Amendment is under attack! our Fourth Estate is under direct attack!…if you look at the picture of our present Government in action; a funny surreal reality show that’s no big deal, and in 4 years he’ll be up for renewal and we can either cancel him or keep him, then.

If you see American life this way, you may not need to worry about another election in 4 years…you’ve seen the last in our lifetime!

Former White House Correspondent Helen Thomas, who possibly has more experience than anyone else when it comes to questioning Presidents, once said; “We in the Press have a special role since there is no other Institution in our Society that can hold the President Accountable. I do believe that our Democracy can endure and prevail, only if the American People are Informed”.

That “Information” is exactly what the present US Administration truly prefers to silence!!

Using a Policy of mass Misinformation, Double Talk with Facts & Alternative Facts, and Psychological Warfare. Misinforming the masses and convincing them to believe the Illusion that all Trump Lies are the Ultimate Truth…and the Truth itself, is just a bunch of Lies or Fake News…it keeps lazy minded people Ignorant enough and guessing if what they hear is Real or just another Lie.

Manipulate and Condemn all the News as Fake…delegitimize the Press…only what our “all knowing” Führer says, is Fact! As they say; “Repeat a Lie over and over, sooner or later people will take it as the Truth”…yes! It’s classic Joseph Goebbels’ Nazi Propaganda! And in ‘this’ White House?…what’s new?

The total open disregard of the Truth is as grave a situation as our Nation has ever endured…and in extremely dangerous times. A President who considers the Press as the enemy of Truth from the very beginning of his run…stating how he would change the Libel Laws so he could sue the Press, while urging everyone to sue the Press, too!

Now, even the BBC has been deemed Fake News! So, I guess Trump’s war is with all News Medias throughout the world, not just the United States’…but not Russia’s, naturally! How sweet of him.

A Presidency without a Free Press is a Dictatorship!…no matter how much Horseshit they spread out on their explanation why the “Fake News Media” should be stopped and banned!…only News approved by the Administration is to be reported cause “the President will ‘not’ be questioned”.

Freedom of the Press, allows you to read and think…no matter what Ideology or Political Leaning you have, you have the right to read, think, and criticize your Government…it’s your Constitutional Right!!

It’s vital that a Free Press continues to report and analyze the News!…expose the Lies, the open Corruption, the Conflicts of Interests, the Embezzlements, the Graft, the war within our Intelligence community, Russian Interference & infiltration of the White House…and the Compromising of our Country’s Leader!…do not allow yourself to be intimidated by a con-artist, folks! Resist! and question Trump on everything!

Now, more than ever! continually press for the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. And never settle for the Administration’s Alternative Facts!…the President must be held accountable for all his actions!…he’s not above the law, whether he’s a Legitimate or an Illegitimate President.

When all news is condemned, the single voice left is always Authoritarian…in the words of the latest and greatest WH douchebag spokesman, Stephen Miller; “The Power of the President will not be questioned”!! Sounds like Social Indoctrination, to me. Umm! Interesting!…Trump’s actions will never be questioned?!?!

WTF?? We, the People cannot question the actions of our own President? Reeeaaalllyyy!?!? Well…and if they are questioned?… then what??

Which brings me to a question; It’s the Undocumented and the Muslims, who are currently persecuted. If that holds up to its fascist norm…the “Documented” comes next… in order by Race, Color, and Creed. If there’s no one to speak up? When will they come for you?? Sieg Heil, America!



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