Canceling America’s Reality Show

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” ~~~ Socrates

When a spoiled little kid loses in a board game, he grabs the board from beneath and throws it up into the air, pulls a temper tantrum, and walks away shouting; “I won, you cheated”!

Donald Trump is a 7yr old spoiled uneducated little brat, born with a silver spoon stuck up his derriere, and dressed up as a 74yr old stable genius …well, this stable genius is going to have to deal with the reality that the 4 year run of his “Reality Show” has been canceled due to low bad ratings!

This little sore losing cry-baby will never concede! He isn’t man enough to ever say; “I lost, congratulations, You won”! That would be way too much for his ultra-narcissistic fragile ego to absorb.

His eventual eviction and exit, stage right, from the White House is January 20th. Meanwhile, he’s been trying to overturn the Election using his eternal book of conspiracy theories of fraud throughout the country, and every legal trick available.

Projecting all this massive fraud, just reveals how much fraud he must have committed …and how pissed he must be that even if he cheated his ass, off…he still lost!

He’s tried every trick in the book to win the election …including making a Trump club member and big-time political donor, Postmaster General, to steal the Election by screwing all Mail-In Votes…but, that failed. He then tried to intimidate minorities from voting using death threats and suggested his right-wing goon squads browbeat and frighten away Black voters at the polls. That failed too.

When all was lost, he started requesting hand recounts and audits. When that didn’t work, he asked for machine recounts…then, since nothing else worked, he started his inevitable string of lawsuits…62 & counting, and every single one has been dismissed as a farce by every Federal Judge at every level.

They lose, move to the Appeals Court…and lose again. They did it in every State…and kept losing! Pennsylvania’s last straw? The 3 Judges in the Court of Appeals…2 Republicans selected by George Bush and 1 Republican picked by Trump…all 3, pretty much in their own way, told Rudy Giuliani to pack his bags and get the hell out of their Court!

Finally, what has been all along …his ultimate intension…SCOTUS with “His” 3 Judges! Their verdict on PA? 9–0 in favor of Biden.

And it continued. The Attorney General of Texas sued Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia …asking the US Supreme Court to nullify the Biden votes in those states, by legally trying to interfere with another state and telling them how to run their own elections. In this case, 18 states & 126 GOP Congressmen joined the lawsuit …even advocating sedition, and threatening secession if the election isn’t overturned in their favor!

The end arrived when SCOTUS once again voted 9–0! Biden is the winner, again! Then, to put the nail on the Trump Presidency coffin, three days later, the Electoral College gave Biden his 306 votes …It’s Over! The End! El Fin! Finis!

Oh! He’ll continue to publicly say it was stolen from him till the day he dies! …it’s his new MAGA Cult rallying cry; “They stole my election …destroy the GOP”! And it’s beginning to work …lookout, Republicans!

For a while, It looked like he was willing to dig in, call squatters’ right, hunker in his bunker, and never come out! He’s mellowed recently, probably cause one of his baby handlers rubbed a little Rum on his cry-baby gums, calming his temper tantrums down a little …and making the baby do some things he really doesn’t want to do.

It would’ve been something, though …to see to what extent Donald Trump would go, to stay in the White House!

Imagine! It’s High Noon, January 20th, 2021

Donald Trump is in the back of the White House on top of a giant dumpster completely engulfed in flames, while hysterically laughing and shouting; “Ha! Ha! Top of the World, Ma! …I’m on Top of the World”!

Wonder how Jimmy Cagney (a staunch Republican donor, supporter, & close Reagan friend) must feel looking down from heaven in shame at this total fake of a tough-guy wannabe …and all his ‘tough’ Republican cult of political cowards?

He’s too much a coward to stay inside and yell; “You’re not taking me out alive, coppers”!. He’ll walk away, right onto an 18th Green in one of his Country Clubs …and continue his hateful, racist, rabble-rousing ways! Maybe, start a media empire to compete with the now, “too liberal” Fox News.

Maybe …run for President in 2024 …even, if it’s just to bug the living hell out of humanity all over again!

But primarily, to advance his Trumpism, cause trouble & entice civil unrest using his despicable “good fine people”, and become a thorn on the side and a pain in the derriere of whatever is left of the Grand Old Party.

What’s his endgame? This penniless billionaire is making enough money to survive, pay off his mysterious $400 Million debt, and stay out of jail. Now, he’s defrauding his own donors with his “Trump Election Defense Fund” for the use of overturning the election, by funneling 75% of all the money donated into the new “Save America PAC”, where the money is kept…stashed away for whatever “Trump’s future ambitions and endeavors might be”. It’s no secret, it also means he can legally pocket every penny of those contributions!

All his antics are the last act of a desperate man. All narcissistic psychopaths desperately need and live for the “attention”, to survive. When the party is over, you become yesterday’s news …and when the love is gone, you become nothing …a nobody!

He rarely comes out of the White House much anymore (except to play golf) since being declared “the loser”. Mostly, stays inside his bunker …brooding and tweeting his usual obscenities, complaints, and lies. Slandering people right and left. And every once in a while, if his “good fine people” are outside the gates, he’ll buzz around low & fly-over with the White House Helicopter, or he’ll get into his limo and have the Secret Service drive him through the crowd so he can wave & smile at them while seeing them yell and wave back…it’s his obsessive need for attention. Then, to the end of the block, around the corner…and back into his bunker.

Knowing you’re a worthless human being who doesn’t care about anyone else on the face of this earth but for yourself …and knowing of having 81+ million people agree with you & vote you out? …that hurts!

Leaving historically with a legacy of being publicly shamed as a corrupt Impeached ex-President, a loser who lost by more than 7.5 million votes and lost the popular vote in 2016 by more than 3 million votes!

And finally, never being liked or approved by the majority of America …never even coming close to reaching at least a 50% job approval rating throughout his entire 4-year gig!

He’s been forced out of his tiny little bubble of illusions & delusions …and thrown into the world of reality. Having it all happen publicly, in front of the entire world …and nowhere for the Trump Family and the Trump “brand” to ever hide!

For this little man, the eminent jail time waiting in the wings is not as bad as the shame of facing a public that’s learned the truth about “The Donald”…that he really is a Loser, a Liar, a Cheat, a huge Tax Fraud, and a Penniless Billionaire Con-Artist.

Psychologically projecting himself throughout his life for being the loser he’s always been, by calling everyone else in the world a loser …has caught up with him…and reality is now haunting him, dearly.

The self-proclaimed “King of Reality Shows” was in all his glory in today’s so-called “Reality TV” …it’s really all about what you (the producer) want to “pass” as Real. Like a Trump form of reality; WWE Pro Wrestling with his buddy, Vince McMahon, and the scripted feud between Donny & Vince on TV.

Like Wrestling, it always passes as being “real” …even if you already know it’s all fake! And no one is better than the King of Fake …America’s only ever faux president!

Being the greatest, smartest, and astute billionaire in the world …a stable genius, may all work in Reality TV, but in the real world, it’s transparently obvious he’s not a stable genius, he’s the polar opposite of being the greatest in anything, definitely verified for 4 years he’s not the smartest, and obviously, he’s not an astute billionaire …in fact, just a fraudulent penniless self-proclaimed billionaire.

There’s very little that’s real in reality tv …though, a few are truly legit. Seeing a family literally break-up after years working in business together, and then seeing them slowly make-up was pure classic, true reality …thanks to American Chopper & the Discovery Channel.

And it wasn’t due to the pressure of the constant cameras filming it…this all happened long before the show started. It was going to explode on the show or off the show …and the Discovery Channel caught it!

William Burkett once said; “People fight with reality. They fight it tooth and nail, with everything they’ve got. And anytime you are arguing or fighting with reality, reality will win. You can’t outsmart it. You can’t trick it. You can’t bend it to your will. Not now. Not ever.”

You can’t outsmart reality, Mr. Trump …you lost, and lost big …put-on your big boy pants, act like a real man, and admit defeat!

So, why did Donald Trump lose?

Truth & Reality Matters! Where do you start? His indecent & immoral degenerate character? 4 years of America being embarrassed in front of the world almost every single day?

Let’s start with misinforming and lying to the American Nation 30 seconds after taking the Oath of Office …with over 25,000+ lies from Nov. 8th, 2016 to Nov. 3rd, 2020.

Cheating to get elected with help of Russia’s online mass disinformation program and use of bots …all verified 100% by America’s entire intelligence community & confirmed by a GOP Senate Committee. That’s Treason.

His eternal passion for Schadenfreude, his love for cruelty …keeping children in dog cages, separating them and even ripping them away while still being breast-fed by their mothers, and keeping them away from their families…but mostly, enduring unquestionable cruelty and tragedy throughout the 4 years. That’s totally insanely criminal!

Working with Foreign Countries (Ukraine & Russia) to discredit his political opponent. That’s a Treasonous act.

Running a criminally corrupt administration, using Foreign actors, political racketeering, enriching himself and his political cronies. Committing Fraud, Money Laundering, Embezzling, Political Extortion, Nepotism up the kazoo, and destroying as much as he can of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause. All that is Life in Prison!

The total outright planned systematic attack on Civil Rights and Equal Justice …openly advocating and promoting Hate & Racism, the Sedition of States, praising QAnon, openly encouraging violence, and fully embracing White Nationalism/Supremacy. Treason! Treason! Treason!

And how about giving away US Classified Information to the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Foreign Minister publicly inside the Oval Office, after kicking everybody out of the room? …that’s pure Electric Chair Treason, any way you cut it!!

Oh, yes! One more little problem facing this country, and the main reason why the not so stable genius, lost …over 16.5+ million Infections and 300,000+ Deaths from a Global Pandemic that he knew all about, back in Dec 2019 & Jan 2020! He knew from the very beginning!

Decided to call it a hoax, very systematically fabricating every move step by step, holding back life-saving measures, and totally misleading the American Public on the grave dangers concerning the state of theirs & their family’s Health…while discrediting Medical Science every step of the way. Purposely “Politicizing” the pandemic, while people keep dying!

And he still fighting it…encouraging all his supporters to gather in mass, like at his super-spreader events, and never wear a mask, which really doesn’t help while trying to control the virus!

And while millions go hungry, and massive lines of cars throughout the entire country lining up and waiting hours to receive food handouts …and the massive lines for COVID-19 testing, that just keeps growing by the day …the President of the United States is out playing golf!

Until Jan. 20th, 2021, he’s still president. Why doesn’t he do something and try to make things just a little better during his last days? Why doesn’t he try acting a little more decent & respectful and do something to help the Health Crisis in this country? …leave a little more dignity, and gracefully? Instead, he’s still acting like a spoiled little cry-baby who doesn’t know how to put on his big boy pants and walk away like a real man …with his head, up!

And then, people really have to ask why Donald Trump lost?!?!

Oddly enough, if he wasn’t so incompetent …if his administration wasn’t so incompetent, and if he really would’ve tried to properly lead the Nation during this very real pandemic crisis, instead of treating dead Americans as “collateral damage” …just a number for economic bean-counters to decide whether to remain open or closed? …if he would’ve been totally honest with the American People? The drama of this pandemic would’ve tilted in his favor, as the hero president who’s leading his country and doing his very best to stop Coronavirus! He may have won!

The biggest reason why Donald Trump lost was Donald Trump!

It’s his dirty, indecent, and immoral degenerate corrupt character, his dirty filthy mind, and his dirty fowl-mouth. But, if he acted like a President whose concerned about his American constituents’ lives if he worked and showed he cared? …he may very well still be President!

Those who first elected him, many thought he’ll take the job seriously, and being a “non-politico”? …they believed in giving him a chance to learn …call it, on the job training!

Well, he never took the job seriously, and he didn’t learn anything from 4 years of “on the job” training! Now, 4 years later, 74 million still voted for Trump? What’s their excuse besides sheer institutionalized systemic ignorance & blind loyalty, if it’s not hatred and racism?

After 4 years, how many people do you have to fool that are still alive from this Pandemic, to keep your job?

The majority of this country already knew, heard, and seen the same spiel this con-artist has pulled for years! …and still, they’ve had no other choice but to put up for 4 years watching our president, openly on LiveTV and in front of the world, literally flip-off America every single day of his presidency!

Before the vote began, he said that he’ll admit defeat if it’s an Electoral Landslide. He called his win in 2016 with 304 electoral votes (2 Trump and 5 Clinton electors voted for others) a landslide victory! Well, Biden ended up with 306, which means, it makes it a slightly bigger landslide, right?

Now, he says he’ll abide by the Electoral College’s decision, but won’t concede? Like everything about the Donald …won’t believe it till I see it! By the way, a caution warning to the permanent White House Staff; When the Trumps move out their personal furniture, keep an eye open …not unusual or above the values for this clan, to pick up a couple 5 finger-discount items that are White House properties.

Well! The American people have spoken, Mr. President. …Bye! Bye! The party’s over, time to call it a night! You’ve been terminated; Now, you don’t have to go home …but you can’t stay here!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice?!?! …YOU ARE FIRED!




Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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RF Schatten

RF Schatten

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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