Election 2020: America’s Civil War v2.0

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” ~ George Orwell

Wake up and smell the coffee, America!

The United States, for better or worse, for the first time in its history elected an honest to goodness criminal; a renowned grifter, a world-renowned embezzler, a sleazy money launderer, and a tax fraud …who disguised as a stable genius has never succeeded in a single business he’s ever attempted.

Casinos are legally structured so the “House” never loses! But ask Atlantic City, and their experience with the Trumpster. How smart is the Stable Genius? How many Casinos have ever gone bankrupt?

It’s no longer a secret this exalted “Billionaire” is really a penniless fraud …a fraud who owes banks around the world more than a Billion Dollars, and at least, $400,000 to mysterious certain individuals.

Truth hurts when dealing with irreproachable people of more character and virtues than he’s ever had …Donald Trump can’t handle the Truth!

Aristotle said; “Without virtue, man is most unholy and savage, and worst in regard to sex and eating”.

Aristotle never had the pleasure to meet this little man, but describes him literally to a T!

But, why does his following care even knowing what he says are all lies? He’s everything his righteous Christian bible quoting base grew up learning not to be! The sins, the immorality…so unchristian!

There’s a certain sector of this nation that will reject the truth, by any means …and at all cost.

200 years of institutionalized racism, cultural inbreeding, systemic ignorance, and continually poor education.

Enter the orange Svengali, it’s his Haven …being around people who don’t care whether he lies to them or if he cheats on all his wives, whether he takes all their tax dollar & sticks it in his pocket, or betrays his country for money in favor of other Foreign Powers!

His ability to mesmerize & exploit the most exploitable is all he has left …and it’s a mutual “quid pro quo” society.

Their aim …with the help of the most powerful man in the country and the most ignorantly dangerous human being in the World …to promote White Supremacy and lift it up to rule the Nation, while psychologically and educationally bringing everyone down to their level. Build a society based on their own visions & all their ignorance, and make the US the world’s pinnacle of idiocy.

Never question the supreme leader…diminish their followers’ range of thought. Whatever you see is not what you’re seeing, whatever you hear is not what you’re hearing, and whatever you’re reading is not what you’re really reading …that’s life under totalitarian rule.

Shades of “1984”? and its Totalitarian Society …36 years later?!?!

When the President of the United States really says; “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening” …what’s next? War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength?

Another shade of 1984 is discouraging all Freethinking. Oh! Freethinking/Critical Thinking! ….something that the Texas GOP passionately rejects and opposes the idea in all Texas Public Schools. I kid you not!

Donald Trump’s lifelong family love for right-wing movements, Fascism and White Supremacy …all his very fine people he constantly boasts about! And now, the opportunity of his lifetime; to exploit all his own bigotry & racism without getting in trouble. Besides all his criminal activities …it’s given him an aura of invincibility …a dictator who can get away with murder, which has been his childhood dream!

He’s the self-proclaimed “Tough Guy” who whines when Leslie Stahl asks him tough questions …” why do I get the tough questions”? How tough is he towards the ‘real’ tough guys? Case closed.

This man has no plans whatsoever of giving up his Power …his plans started 4 years ago, and American Supremacy will violently back him up whether they win or whether they lose!

From The Donald’s use of pure Fascist Propaganda, The Big Lie, Subliminal Messaging, Gaslighting, Doublespeak, the White House’s official Daily Misinformation, Blatantly lying their asses off 24/7…it’s all part of the Totalitarian for Dummies handbook.

When Trump tells a certain chapter of his violent armed cultists …even if he claims he doesn’t know them; “stand back & stand by”…he knows very well what he’s doing!

Uncle Crazy is not really that crazy! He’s just a creepy dirty old crazy uncle…just ask his niece, Mary.

The 2020 Election is like nothing ever seen or experienced before. The Economy is usually the selling point in all elections…how it affects your wallet. War is another factor that can shift elections one way or the other. But this year it’s a little different, an X-factor is hanging around like toe-nail fungus for all the Republicans that sold their souls to Trump …a Global Pandemic Infection that’s now reaching 9 million Americans and will have killed over 230, 000 men, women, and children by Nov. 3rd.

Besides, there’re massive protests all around the country demonstrating for the end of institutionalized racism…all those years of Racial Injustice and especially nationwide Police Brutality have reached a boiling point …and instead of getting better, is getting worse as police shootings of the Black community keeps increasing throughout the country, daily!

More blacks are dying in the streets of America through police brutality than ever before …..and on Live TV! This, besides the Pandemic, are among so many other things that is truly ripping this nation apart!

How to start a Race War and blame the other side for starting it…better yet, blame other factions and allow them to destroy each other. A Fascist principle? It’s all about Chaos and how much will it take, to take down a Country…lock, stock, and barrel.

Will Durant once said; “Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with Chaos”…we certainly ‘are’ in Chaotic Times!

“Law and Order” sold well for Dick Nixon …but it’s not selling as well this time around. The general public is too well aware of what’s happening, and why it’s happening …they’re sick of listening to a man who will reach 25,000 lies by Nov. 3rd. What’s happening is that this country is sick & tired of listening 4 years of constant transparent horseshit.

People prefer being and staying healthy, and prefer taking care of their children than having them get infected or die! The need to work to financially survive is real, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do …if you get sick, how are you going to go to work? If you die, what happens with your family?

But most of all …People of all ages, all colors, all genders, all faiths, are coming together as one nation. Maybe this killer Virus is actually finally waking the moral conscience of this country?

The Law and Order hero keeps projecting about cleaning the streets of crime. The Black-clad Thugs Trump talks so much about? You can’t miss them…they’re a conglomeration of Ice Agents, off-duty Prison Guards, Border Patrol Agents, and Blackwater Mercenaries. No one with name tags or IDs but nice shiny black helmets & full armored uniforms! Abducting Protestors and driving them away? They’re the most brutal, vicious racists and supremacists goons Bill Barr could find. In Dictatorships, they call them “Death Squads”!

This is the man who cried; Take your guns and liberate Michigan!

Think about it! You have the President of the United States calling for the insurrection of the Government of a State in the Union!

Now, all you hear is Insurrection & Martial Law…if he doesn’t win? Telling his crew of every low life white supremacists to be armed and ready …cause Biden is going to get rid of Law Enforcement, open the Borders and allow all Mexican criminals to come and loot, burn, and rape your women!

To keep power, Dictators cheat their asses off by suppressing the vote, any way possible…now the Post Office and all the dirty deals with his new Donor Postmaster General pal.

That looks like it won’t work, so now Trump is insinuating that if he doesn’t win on Nov. 3rd is because the Democrats cheated and rigged it, naturally. Using his stacked Supreme Court to reverse his election defeat and declare him King for Life!

At noon on Jan. 20th, 2020 Donald Trump will refuse to get out of the White House and hide in his Bunker! At which time, little men in white coats will enter with US Marshals and have him evicted … and sent directly to Happy Acres, where he can battle all the Napoleon pretenders to see who’s the best leader.

This election is twofold. It’s about recovering and taking back a Nation from the shackles of 4 years of Chaos & Destruction, and it’s about regaining our Respect, Morality, and especially America’s Decency over the Disrespect, the Immoral Degeneracy, and the Indecency of the past 4 years!

When the President keeps insisting on opening up schools, sadly, it’s so he can get the parents back to work to pick up the economy …just more money for him to steal from the taxpayers. The Kids? The Donald has no compassion or remorse, he couldn’t care less how many children get infected or die …he just doesn’t give a damn!

He hates Children and Dogs…always had! He considers himself above them …even as a kid, he hated and bullied other kids. Never trust a man who hates Dogs!

It’s the pompous “exclusivity” of a spoiled brat born with a silver spoon up his big fat derrière.

This is all the continuing legacy of American Hypocrisy and Social Class standing…so many, have been so proud for so long with the conception of “American Exceptionalism”. Just think, what the word exceptionalism means. It derives from the word “Except” which means to “Exclude”! It should’ve been called American White Exceptionalism.

This is why the 2020 elections is the most important in US History, where Democracy & the US Constitution hangs on the line…threats of a Civil War if Trump loses, threats of intimidation & armed violence, even during election day (aka voter suppression) …and a Bill Barr lead Justice Dept, more interested in officially defending Trump in a rape & defamation civil lawsuit than protecting the American Voter!

There’s a reason why all around the world We, the People are still known …and even more in today’s Trumpian age, as “The Ugly American”.

Never before has America had such a distinct clear choice for President …it all comes down to Decency or Indecency, Morality or Immorality, Compassion or Indifference, but mostly it’s about uniting a nation or tearing it apart!

Voter suppression is the first way of suppressing a society! …there’s no second chance! Like never before, on Nov. 3rd Election Day … America, Choose Wisely!!!




Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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RF Schatten

RF Schatten

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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