Ethics & the Immorality of Donald Trump’s Morality

“Psychopaths are Social Predators, and like all predators, they are looking for feeding grounds. Wherever you get Power, Prestige, and Money, you will find them” ~~~ Robert D. Hare

Not hard to find a celebrity who uses his Power, Prestige, and Money, to control his women…we’ve seen this parade of accusers before…so why are people so upset with Bill Cosby? Everyone believed his guilt, all those poor accusers and how awful all this was for them! Who would’ve ever expected good ol’ Bill Cosby, to be a sexual predator?
Yet, poor little Master Donald, known publicly for so many years as a Philanderer Extraordinaire, well known throughout his 1% circles and throughout his corporate workplace…cheats on Wife #1 with Wife #2, then Wife #3 comes around the corner…that “Access Hollywood” tape with Billy Bush took place just weeks after Don & Melania’s Honeymoon!

How everyone was willing to accuse Cosby immediately, yet Trump suddenly becomes the ‘victim’ to all his accusers? Coincidence or Dramatic Irony?…there ‘is’ a difference in the shade of colour in both of these men, and today’s social climate tends to bring out the immoral worst of people’s moral ethics.

The Trump Family Values and Ethics…or better yet, the lack of…are solidly embedded in their dysfunctionally degenerate DNA. Since their Mom, Ivanna got raped by their Dad…who got away scot free by convincing the Judge that there’s no such thing Marital Rape…you would figure that the kids would be more understanding of Sexual Assault?!?!
Results? Donald Jr. eloquently supported his Father’s view; “If a woman can’t handle Sexual Harassment, she doesn’t belong in the workplace”! Hey! this may be really really sick, but…like Father, like Son!!

A coward that refuses to release his tax returns…yet, extremely ignorant enough (I pay no taxes cause I’m smart) to expose himself to the world as the great fraud all the Banks in the United States, Deutch Bank in Germany, all his Creditors, and Atlantic City!…all! already found out he is.

A total coward who faces all his accusers through his lawyers’ “Intimidation by Lawsuits” technique. Consequently calling everyone who accuses him of anything or calls him a Liar, a Fat Bimbo, a total Loser, Old, Ugly, and “Retarded” as he called Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin….and always follows saying; Who would want to have sex with that? An over-bloated 70-year-old fart, who’s so vain he believes he’s the second coming of Casanova…and who really thinks he has the right to pick up anybody he wants…and they all must submit to him, cause he’s the Trumpster!

How much a degenerate scumbag of a husband is Donald? When interviewing the Trumps on their 1st Year Anniversary at Mar-A-Lago, People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff was sexually hit on by the Trumpster. While a very pregnant Melania went upstairs to change her wardrobe for a photo-shoot, Trump took Stoynoff on a tour of his tacky mansion, and especially to show her this particular “Tremendous” room…arriving in the room, within seconds he locked the door and had her pinned against the wall, while forcibly sticking his tongue down her throat. Her savior? His butler walked in and informed him that Melania was on her way down.

Naturally, like in every incident when he gets caught with his tiny little hands in the cookie jar…he denies it, calls the accuser names, and blames the Media, Hillary, the GOP, the Dems, and the rest of the world for his sins…in this case, a very lame denial. Hard to deny a 6 people corroboration.

Donald Trump now calls himself the victim of all these accusations, and all of them set-up by a Rigged System, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, The DNC, The American Media, Iran, Al-Queda, ISIS, Illegal Latino Immigrants working for terrorists, etc, etc, etc…and now the Jews have finally made Heir Drumpf’s List, along with the entire Rothschild conspiracy. And old schtick, but new to Trump’s legions of poorly educated or uneducated morons…he ‘does’ love those people!

When Albert Camus first said; “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”…he never met The Donald…the true wild beast loosed upon this World!
Donald Trump, the misogynist, and gynephobe who loves to talk tough, calls women every name in the book, is addicted to making sexual advances and physical attacks, and then his narcissistic dirty mind expects women to thank him for it?!?!

Donald Trump is an insult to the intelligence of the American Voter, an insult to the intelligence of all Women everywhere, and an insult to the intelligence of Orange Orangutans. Yes! when it comes to Ethics and Values, Donald Trump…the coward…is the Real “Pussy” in the room!

Written by

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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