It’s 25th Amendment Time

“The Cameras of History are rolling” ~~~ Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY)

Republicans! This may very well be your golden opportunity for some of you to save your sorry derrières in November…if you have the will and the cojones to do the right thing!

In front of you, you all have a 7yr old little boy inside a 73yr old man’s body. A dysfunctional, extremely ignorant, uninformed, and vastly undereducated man with a college diploma, who’s completely incompetent to run his own daily life, yet is running an entire country. He’s incoherent, and has an attention deficit disorder…so bad, he can’t even read more than 280 characters at a time, and his daily briefings (no joke) are limited to “Pictures”!

A man who’s more Narcissistic than Narcissus, himself! A mentally & medically sick overweight human being who keeps skirting around with his life …It would not be much of a surprise if it’s revealed that he had a “stent” or two placed in him…probably at Walter Reed, one night at 4 in the morning? It’s not hard to tell this man has some type of coronary problems, just by looking at him … among all his other medical & mental disorders.

He lives in his own little fantasy bubble of reality …fighting good and evil in a surrealistic world of his own illusions & delusions. A pathological habitual liar who constantly projects himself w/every human being on earth …it’s never ever his fault …never! cause he’s perfect!

Everything in his life surrounds his greatness and his “perfection”, from phone calls to his perfect physicals, to how great of a condition he’s always in… as Ronald Reagan would say; “there you go, again”! projecting yourself!

He’s a paranoid/schizophrenic that when interrogated by the press becomes worse than Captain Quigg and his “Strawberries”. And worst of all …he’s so transparent, you know when he’s lying, and even kids know he’s lying without even checking, by just looking at his body language & his array of facial expressions.

Now, even with the seriousness of a Pandemic hitting our Country, nothing changes this man …being a heartless grifter and his financial greed have always been his way of life, and all he really cares about. We, the People truly don’t mean a damned thing to him!

And the lies keep coming, no matter how serious the situation is. Writer Leah McElrath captured a hot-mic & video moment on CSPAN after the President’s prime-time speech to the Nation on the Coronavirus was over. The President chilled out a little, and after getting the all-clear sign, he lamented and said; “Okaaaaaaaaay!” …before ripping his mic off. The facial expression was the clincher.

Leah McElrath could not have nailed it any much better; “Everything is an act for him” … “Everything is pretend. He has no sense of the gravity of the situation because he lacks the capacity for empathy. As I’ve repeatedly said about malignant narcissists, they can only mimic socially appropriate affect.”

I would believe, all that should be more than enough to have him legitimately removed via 25th Amendment. I say legitimately because everyone knows he’ll start complaining all over again like his “illegal impeachment” …he qualifies to be removed from office for every reason listed in the amendment.

But, will anyone even try?

Every single GOP Senator & Representative knows well what he really is. They may not want to admit it, but there he is, live and in living color (mostly orange) …a degenerate hypocrite with absolutely no class or morals whatsoever! …a creepy, simple-minded fool. But, a dangerous fool. Someone who will backstab you no matter how loyal you are …if it’s convenient and benefit him at the time.

Now, the Coronavirus outbreak is exposing his seriously grave flaws …in an even more transparent way than ever before. The entire world is watching and criticizing the Federal Government and his blunt lack of leadership, with no coherent guidance whatsoever …if lives, are saved from this virus, you would have to thank Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) for forcing the Medical Director of the CDC to commit to testing everyone free of charge. The leadership taken by all the doctors, nurses, technicians, & therapists in the hospitals …and the great work done from all the local health departments around the country, is a positive sign and our only hope, with a leaderless administration. People! listen to the Pros …not the Politicos!

It’s the job of the President of the United States to lead by example …and we have a man who doesn’t really care about anything other than whatever gratifies him first, whose first comments every morning is how good the stock market is, so he can praise himself or how bad it is, so he can blame the Democrats.

His very first thing is Wall Street, while a nation is trying to cope with a deadly virus that’s spreading like wildfires.

What does it take for all these spineless lawmakers to say; enough is enough? It doesn’t take a Medical Doctor or Psychiatrist to see this physically sick man’s mentality is just way too out of control …he’s totally unable to grasp reality!

The 25th Amendment was placed there exactly for all those reasons …he’s the most “Perfect” example of why we have this Amendment!

Republicans! The cameras of history are rolling …how do you want to be literally perceived, and remembered forevermore?

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