It’s the Mask, Stupid

“The more I see of Mankind, the more I prefer my dog” ~~~ Blaise Pascal

How will America and American Society be remembered in History?

In 2020, a deadly global viral pandemic struck the United States, and the current US Administration at the time, very incompetently (knowing all the data necessary and the effects of the Virus by the beginning of 2020) first denied it existed, then started a policy of mass disinformation and a constant attack at the medical community, starting with the World Health Organization … eventually, resigning from WHO.

The lack of coordination and poor cooperation by the US Government, turned into Genocide by Public Policy. And while the need for medical equipment and protective gear became a fiasco with the Administration and all the States …pretty much leaving the States to fend for themselves, they began their own private policy of discrediting the CDC and NIAID’s Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Even trying to order them not to talk to the public …to keep them from telling the country the truth, though no one can ever keep Anthony Fauci quiet.

Finally, politicizing the Coronavirus, and eventually dismissing & disregarding the Pandemic altogether from their everyday policies.

All along, the President of the United States has been telling everyone to disregard what medical professionals have been saying, literally lying to his own constituents…allowing the thousands throughout all his “super-spreader” events to get infected and die!

At least 30,00 have gotten infected at Trump rallies, of which, over 300 have died…including Herman Cain, who boasted about refusing to wear a mask.

A White House that should be in total strict isolation, quarantined and locked down from anyone entering, with dozens and dozens of staff members, and/or their families infected by the Virus. More than 130 Secret Service Agents have been infected or quarantined …Congressmen and Senators, including Iowa’s 87 yr. old Chuck Grassley has been infected with COVID-19.

Yet, 73 million people still don’t care about Social Distancing, Wearing Masks, believe in keeping all businesses open, and keeping all kids in school!

And as this novel pandemic continues to rake havoc throughout the entire United States, with a Government that continues to ignore it in favor of overturning political elections, the death rate of Americans continues to rise.

In 1918, another Global Pandemic …the Spanish Influenza …infected millions in the United States and killed an estimated 750,000 Americans.

102 years later, America, the most powerful country in the world with the greatest minds and greatest technology in the world, almost 260,000+ people have already died! …there’s absolutely no excuse for all these deaths, especially when the US Government knew all about it all along …right from the very beginning!

They now say, it’ll hit 500,000 deaths by March 2021, and if not contained soon, the US is seriously looking for a death toll in the millions!

The death of America and American Society by systemic unadulterated Ignorance! …this is what happens when mesmerized cultists follow a heartless Demagogue and are willing to even die, for his phony beliefs. A man with COVID died in an ICU as he swore to his very last breath that he must be dying of something else, cause COVID is a hoax!

To allow a person to believe this charlatan’s lies even if it costs his life …to die not even knowing the truth why he died is incomprehensible and immoral! But, what can you do when a person refuses to believe the truth cause his “leader” is never wrong?

This man died for a President who doesn’t even care about any of the other 260,000+ dead Americans and counting …one of those, being him, his loyal supporter!

So! Will America be remembered as an Idiocracy whose population completely ignored all medical advice, and eventually, the entire human population ended up dying?

Or will someone finally say; enough is enough?!?!

How many lives will it take for people to wake up? How many families have to lose someone for people to finally obey the simple rules set up by the CDC and other Medical Health Professionals?

Free to exercise their absolute right not to were a mask?

The babble over masks, size of gatherings, opening businesses & schools …and naturally, bars, just shows the frustrations and the battle over a portion of America’s belief in idiocy. When will 73 million people understand that nothing is going to change if you don’t follow the Doctors’ advice?!?!

Why do Politicos at every level of government, from the Federal level to Governors and Mayors defy medical advice, and allow businesses to remain open …even during the worst crisis most Hospitals and States are currently experiencing or have ever gone through?

Law Enforcement isn’t much better. An Oregon Sheriff publicly announced that he will not enforce the lockdown ordered by Gov. Kate Brown. Literally breaking the law he’s paid to and swore to enforce …and thus turning the Coronavirus Pandemic, political!

It’s just common sense! People will continue to get infected and continue to die …and until it can be properly curtailed …people, businesses, and schools will not get back to normal, and the economy will continue to fail!

Listen closely; Reality Matters …face reality, America! An economy cannot run properly by sick people …12+ million are infected and projected to continue in the millions. 260+ thousand dead with no end in sight!

The next person might very well be you! Then, who’s going to take care of business? Who’s going to worry about the bills? Who’s going to take care of the family?

Yes! The financial need to get back to work, and the emotional need, is huge! …but, mostly the need to just get out! …2020 has felt like an endless year-long cycle of cabin fever.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to understand the more people get sick, the more the economy will suffer …and the longer it’ll take to restore it! Any way you cut it …the economy will not improve till this pandemic is under control!

Common sense! Look at how this country has functioned since the Pandemic began?

And if people keep listening to politicians who don’t know jack shit about medicine, and whose only interests are transparently their own instead of the millions of victims …it’s just natural that sooner or later they’re going to get sick, and die!

What does it take to convince people to protect themselves?

Viruses are deaf, dumb, and blind …they can’t tell colors, don’t care if you’re rich or poor, male or female, young or old, tall or short, strong or weak, or what your religious background or beliefs are. They’re non-partisan, and have no political views or theories, …viruses are also very rude, they’ll attack you without notice, and don’t care who the hell you are!

What do all health experts in the world…not phony crony, so-called “experts” like Scott Atlas, have to say about COVID-19?

1)Respect others and they’ll respect you!

2) Wash your hands often …always carry and use Hand Sanitizers wherever you go. Also, keep your house clean & sanitized.

3) Keep Social Distancing!

4) Avoid large gatherings, like concerts & sporting events …especially super-spreader MAGA events.

5) Avoid all Travel …even if is just family visits. All, for the protection of your loved ones.

6) But, the most important thing to do? Wear Masks!! …it protects others from whatever you may have, and protect yourself from whatever others have.

Is that, that hard? …it’s not about your constitutional right not to wear a mask …it’s about your right to survive!

Vaccines! Vaccines! Vaccines!

Yes! A vaccine, actually, 2 Vaccines (maybe even 3) are on the horizon …Emergency Authorization for the use of the Vaccines has been applied for, and on December 10th meetings will start to see if it’s approved and ok to start vaccinations.

Hopefully, by the end of December or January 2021, people can start getting vaccinated. But remember! On the whole, the entire country of 350 million will not be receiving those shots till late spring, early summer.

Meanwhile, people will still be getting infected and the death rate will continue to rise, especially this Winter, which doctors are calling it; “deadly”!

Yea! it’s a long process. Just, please! Be responsible and cover yourselves, so we can all get back to what we were doing before the Coronavirus made its presence!

How many more studies, how many more results, how many more people have to get infected and die? What does it take for America to listen, know the truth, and act responsibly?

The denialism of COVID-19 will only resort to more infections, and ultimately …more deaths!

So! What’s the big secret on how this country is going to recover & survive, get rid of COVID-19, and finally get back to our normal everyday life? …It’s the Mask, stupid!




Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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RF Schatten

RF Schatten

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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