Leveraging the Covid-19 Pandemic

“When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results” ~~~ Warren Buffett

How do you make good money in this pandemic from those living or dying? The best time is when someone is at their most vulnerable …and Americans have never been at their most vulnerable since the Coronavirus pandemic arrived on our shores. Just leave it up to greedy politicos and business moguls …no one’s better to con an already fairly ignorant American public than today’s politicians and their beholden donors!

They say that con-artists are all Psychopathic Narcissistic Machiavellians …every con-man has the same 3 traits. In Robert Hare’s “Psychopathy Checklist”, he says; “To a true psychopath, your suffering means nothing. There’s no empathy, there’s no remorse, there’s no guilt”.

The advent of this deadly pandemic and the psychological vulnerability of the population has made it possible for crude & dishonorable politicians, corporations, and entrepreneurs …all decadent greedy rich psychopaths, who are always looking out on how to make an extra buck …and when the pandemic hit, they hit the super jackpot! Capitalizing on a pandemic that’s causing workers to lose more and more work hours, while suffering heavy financial hardships …and, in a population that 80% of the people today are working paycheck to paycheck.

Now, how far will they try to use their “Mark”? Well, it looks like this group really doesn’t care who dies or who doesn’t! It’s how much money they can drain their mark, out of…in this case, the American public.

Here are a few examples. Rand Paul’s wife …because of legal ramifications to both, Senators & US Reps …as a ‘proxy’ for Rand, purchased a large number of shares in drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences a month after Paul, who sits on the Senate Health Committee was briefed on the threat of Coronavirus. Those shares of the stock were bought one day after the US clinical trials began on Gilead’s “Remdesivir” as a treatment for Covid-19 …three weeks before WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

Why is Rand Paul an anti-vaccine & anti-mask advocate? Why is he so adamant to keep advising anti-vaxxers & anti-mask fanatics to stand their ground and don’t get vaccinated or wear a mask? Why? It’s a little obvious that the more people that get sick with Covid, the more money Rand Paul makes from Gilead Sciences!

There was just one little thing he just happened to forget …to disclose the purchase of stocks, which under the 2012 Stock Act, all members of congress require disclosure within 45 days of purchase. It was disclosed a year later when he got caught …oops! I forgot?!?!

It’s all about the greed for making a profit. …Rand Paul is not the only one making money off this pandemic, other politicos are doing the same thing, and making even more money …and it’s probably the only time you’ll ever see real bipartisanship in Washington. Both Republicans & Democrats are making a killing from those suffering …Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Diane Feinstein, Sen. Jim Imhoff, former senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, & former US Rep. Tom Malinowski. All of them have become richer from unfortunates.

Let’s start with Tom Malinowski …since early 2020, he traded stocks for as much as $1 Million in medical & tech companies and other stocks for a total of $3.2 Million. Profiting off Volume Ventilators used to keep people alive, PPEs (protective equipment), Treatments, Vaccines, & Drugs. Buying and selling the stock at bargain prices …profiting out of others’ misery …from those in financial straits, whether out of work and in danger of mortgage defaults, or from those sick with Covid, and those who’ve lost their lives …with their families in total disarray. Richard Burr, after attending a “confidential” pandemic meeting, bought and dumped $628,000 to $1.72 Million in holdings …primarily medical …a week before the stock market crashed in February 2020.

David Perdue also made a killing …on January 23rd, 2020, knowing the pandemic was going to cause an economic & health crisis, he sold off $1-$5 Million of tech company Cardlytics at $86/share. In March, after it went down to $30/share …he bought them back, investing $200k-$500k and making a big bundle. Jim Imhoff and Diane Feinstein with her husband, dumped stocks worth in the millions of dollars in inside trading before the roof caved in.

And speaking of inside trading …no one is better in the art of inside trading than former Senator Kelly Loeffler who sold & bought Millions in stock holdings, primarily medical, with a no better stock advisor than her own husband, Jeffrey Sprecher …the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange!

More recently, Sen. Kristin Sinema received $750,000 from Big Pharma, along with Joe Manchin …who’s been bought & paid in full by the Fossil Fuel industry for many years …making himself a whopping profit of $500.000 in his holdings every year!

They’re not all politicos …anti-vaxxer & anti-mask exponent, and a millionaire worth around $230 Million, Steve Kirsch, first milked millions of dollars in donations for a company he owned …CETF (Covid19 Early Treatment Fund), backed by an impressive array of organizations and groups, which eventually all turned out to be a fraud. Steve Kirsch is probably not just the only entrepreneur, grifting the public these days.

Last year, Forbes magazine said; “total American billionaire wealth stands at $4.6 trillion as of the stock market close on April 28th, by our count. That’s up 35% from $3.4 trillion when markets opened on January 1, 2020, just as Covid-19 was beginning to take the world by storm”. “In other words, US billionaires have gotten about $1.2 trillion richer during the pandemic.” …and that happened in 2020! Imagine what their wealth is, today in 2021!

The leveraging of the Covid-19 pandemic has become a big business …and the longer it lasts, the more money all these people involved make. Do they really want this Coronavirus to go away? Of course, not!

So, in order for all this money to flow in and make it a successful venture while capitalizing on the misfortunes of others, corporations naturally turn their attention to their fully paid fixers …that’s where politicians usually enter the game and use their power to get ahead, where everybody gets a piece of the action.

In this case, using the manpower of the GOP …first, by continuing their official party policy use of continuous lies, adding massive amounts of continuous disinformation …all of it targeting the most ignorant, the use of subliminal code words, psychological & political projections, incorporating the use of schadenfreude, and the heavy use of idiotic conspiracy theories …all, obfuscating just enough chaos …creating frustration while building up hate and anger, which all ultimately results into violence!

And it’s working! Just look at the all violence between parents and schools, people in restaurants, in the streets, outside hospitals, and in front of caregivers’ homes. It’s not just only verbal abuse, but physical violence, too …especially by using the GOP’s own version of stormtroopers …throw in the Proud Boys & the Oath Keepers to commit all the intimidation and the violence!

You have people in total hysterics about getting or not getting vaccinated, and wearing or not wearing a mask, using medicine (Hydroxychloroquine) that’s not intended for Covid, and it can kill you! Even worse, using a horse, cattle, & dog dewormer Ivermectin …and that, will kill you! But, worse than all that …the saddest thing to hear and see is parents subjecting their children not to stay safe and refusing for them to wear a mask. Anywhere else at any other time, that would be considered child abuse!

How do they all get away with it? If you or I try any of those shenanigans …they would lock us up, and throw away the key! You don’t see the rich & the powerful in jail, everyday …almost feel sorry for Martha Stewart. It’s all the totally legal loopholes of ways to get away with it …and how to get away with it in their tax returns, too.

This is what they want! The longer this pandemic lasts, the more money they can leverage the American public out of. They don’t care how many people die …2,000+ unvaccinated Americans are dying every day …while those still unvaccinated, refuse to believe Covid-19 is not a hoax …until their turn arrives, then they just freak out knowing they may end up on a Ventilator!

To those people who refuse to wear masks or keeping a decent social distance, and especially those refusing to get vaccinated …what does it take to make someone understand that this viral pandemic, will not go away until they conform with the rest of civil society? The more unvaccinated and unmasked people that keep gathering in masses, the more they rub and touch each other …the more this ‘airborne’ virus will keep mutating and become even worse! And forget herd immunity!

Herd immunity …the idea sounds great. You can reach herd immunity with 75% — 80% of the population, vaccinated (although now, because of all the variants, they’re saying; 85% — 90%) …but, we’re still a long ways to go from hitting those numbers, especially with 25% of the entire population reluctant to get vaccinated, at all.

Our country’s economy …in the middle of the harshest critical medical crisis we’ve ever experienced …is being robbed out of millions of dollars by politicians, big businesses, and entrepreneurs! Monetizing America’s medical tragedy ….money that could go towards helping to end this pandemic. Money that could be going to help people’s financial hardships. Money that can buy so much needed food to feed the hungry …and hopefully try to end hunger in America.

They continue to do their thing! They’re not even hiding behind closed doors anymore, they’re doing it right out in public …and getting away with it! You have a massive corruption aimed at leveraging the American public and the economy and making millions of dollars by capitalizing on the chaos of this pandemic, and no one …absolutely no one is even investigating the matter.

America is experiencing the worst medical pandemic in its history while being taken to the cleaners …and no one has the power to do a damn thing about it …no one, except the Dept. of Justice. And Merrick Garland doesn’t appear rushing to do anything about it, there’s no pressure …and the public hasn’t demanded it.

Whether it’s a Corporation, an Entrepreneur, or a sleazy politician, it’s about how to make some quick money …in this case, a whole lot of money …next, how much to report to the IRS and how much to deposit in a Foreign Bank that, with a little wink & a nod and good large size fees, is willing to work with you …or, in an off-shore Bank Account in the Cayman Islands or a similar place. And that’s a shame! There’re still a whole lot more of them out there, all taking advantage of this pandemic …they all deserve a little prison time.

It’s a perfect example of how justice in America, works …nice to have money and influence!

I’ll end this tale with the words of Thorstein Veblen; “The thief or swindler who has gained great wealth by his delinquency has a better chance than the small thief of escaping the rigorous penalty of the law.”




Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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RF Schatten

RF Schatten

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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