Proving Man’s Inhumanity to Man

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” ~~~ John F. Kennedy

The turpitude of an immoral narcissistic degenerate who no longer just appears trying to prove Man’s Inhumanity to Man …he’s been proving it, he yearns for the life of a Fascist Autocrat, even calls the Secret Service, “My S.S.”

Ruling America “For Life” by this Stable Genius, till he gives up his gold thrown to Ivanka, who will then become America’s 1st Female President …OY Frickin VEY!

What else can happen to America in 2020?

  1. We’re in the midst of the greatest Global Health & Human Crisis in 102 years …with over to 2 million confirmed Americans infected with the Virus, and over 118,000 Deaths. And that’s with less than 10% of the population tested!
  2. 40 million people unemployed …A couple of million is back to work (for now) while another million filed for unemployment benefits. No long-term changes are seen on the horizon.
  3. Looking ahead to another year of a terrible weather forecast for the coming Hurricane & Wildfire Seasons.
  4. Another police brutality …in the middle of a pandemic…evolved into a Peaceful Revolution that has spanned-out into a Peaceful World Revolution …and the violence by those trying to make a peaceful revolution impossible.
  5. The new age of the old Law & Order theme by the biggest crook, thief, & con-artist in the country …and the violence he keeps threatening people! …with his Gestapo Henchman, Wilhelm Barr.

So, as I said; what else can happen? …besides an Election!

When Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) acquitted Donald Trump in his Impeachment Trial, her words will live in infamy in US History books, forever! “Oh, he learned his lesson from the Impeachment …I believe that he will be much more cautious in the future.”

Oh! He’s very cautious …like, never wearing condoms during who knows how many affairs, while his wife was still nursing his infant son. Cautious?!?! When has this man ever been cautious about anything at all, in his entire life? We’re in the midst of the worst Global Pandemic in 102 years …how cautious has he been till now? I rest my case on Cautious Don.

“If a call like that gets you an impeachment, I would think he would think twice before he did it again.” …how many times, more than twice, have your thoughts made you regret acquitting him, Sen. Alexander? Sen. Capito! Do you still believe “he learned to be a little more judicious and careful”?

With his disastrous “F” grade job performance on the Pandemic, lying for 70 days that COVID-19 was a hoax, after knowing about it & personally warned for 3 years.

His slow or no response to States & Cities, the politics & policies he uses to create harm instead of the help they so desperately need. And always bragging piles & piles of horseshit on what a great job he’s been doing …naturally.

As over 118,000 Americans die & millions infected, he’s put the Pandemic aside into the back-burner …sort of. The White House is said to be writing a report with their “conclusions” of the Coronavirus findings. Considering it’s not even close to being over …conclusions?

He’s trying to change the national dialog away from all his negative ratings & embarrassments trying to handle the pandemic. Changing it to a more pleasant subject for him …the economy, where his last hope of re-election, hangs.

The suppression of Medical Information …trying to keep the CDC, Anthony Fauci, Birx, and others from keeping the public informed of the latest news and recommendations. Trying? Yes,! Succeeding? No! As much as he’s trying to influence and put pressure, including getting fired…Fauci, Birx, and Co. find ways of speaking-up and keeping the Country aware that the Virus is very real.

He’s putting his entire efforts into opening-up to rebuild the economy …at any cost, regardless of how many more people die.

As Glen Beck & most of his GOP cohorts have said: ‘Seniors’ should go to work and sacrifice themselves so the American Economy will continue and not collapse. Well, if that’s the case, start with the President, first! He’s a senior who doesn’t work or does anything but play golf at taxpayers' expense. Why doesn’t The Donald go to work for a change, risk his life …and do the job he was elected for …to be a leader!

People are dying in the thousands from the Viral Pandemic and people are dying in the streets from continued Police Brutality. And the President of the United States doesn’t give a damn how many more Americans die ..all he cares is his economy and getting re-elected. This evil personified is literally committing Genocide by Public Policy!

All his Policies, ever since becoming President (with the exception of the Rich & Wealthy) has been to dismantle, remove, overturn, void, or severely cut the funding on every single social program and health programs that affect the Elderly, Children, Women, the Poor, all minorities, and every Race, Color, and most Creeds. Removing anything that benefits and affects their lives in a good way, and anything viewed favorably by public opinion …they ‘will’ destroy it.

Whether in Education, Social Services, in America’s Healthcare System, in Senior Citizen Rights, in Children’s Rights, in Women Rights, in Immigrant Rights, in LGBTQ Rights …in all Human Rights! And the complete destruction of the only Environment we’ll ever have!

He already started with the Genocide of our Democracy. What’s next?

Yes! What’s next? How about having the regular US Military come in and invoke Martial Law? Oh! that’s right, he’s already tried that trick, without invoking “Martial Law”, itself. It all comes down to systematically finding ways to harm the population in any which way possible and show the World; 2020 America’s “Man’s inhumanity to Man”.

Using institutionalized systemic racism, hate, fear, lies, and subliminal codes to spark White Nationalists & Supremacists to do his bidding…even by urging his supporters to go fully armed and Liberate the States from its Governments. The President of the United States is calling for the armed insurrection of the States of our Union and civil war against the American Government! That’s absolute Treason! any way you cut it!

Robert Burns wrote the poem “Man was made to Mourn: A Dirge” in 1784. It’s based on the notion that humans were created to be sad. It’s about the oppression and cruelty that “mankind causes” and “mankind suffers”, as they say,

Why be inhumane towards others? Why do we have a leader that enjoys watching other people suffer? And when it’s all over, all we have left are people trying to put there lives back together without those loved ones on their side…as the last 2 lines of the poem says;

-Man’s Inhumanity to Man

-Makes countless thousands mourn!

The United States of America is currently lead by a terribly neurotic, psychotic man …with an extremely serious case of schadenfreude. A totally arrogant human being who has absolutely no values or no sense of empathy. he’s an anti-altruist and the most self-centered, egotistical man to ever hold the office of the Presidency.

Not to mention the most crooked, corrupt, and most criminally dangerous Administration in American History.

Is this what America has turned to? allowing an incompetent & poorly educated man to become the “Leader of the Free World”? all because he was a new face that’s “not part of the Washington Establishment”?

The non-establishment’s theory that a “non-politician” or “outsider” can run things better in DC, has been proven by this inept outsider …that the “Outsider” theory is totally bunk!

No one, absolutely no one, has any knowledge or understanding whatsoever on how to run a Government …which makes all the sense in the world in a Trump Administration, since everyone hires is a crook that really doesn’t care what his or her job description entails. It’s just about the opportunity of making those big bucks, period.

When will people ever understand that those who aspire to run for office, the so-called “outsider” who claims because he or she is not a politician, they know how to fix the problems …that person, the minute he or she decides to run for office …they instantly become politicians. And then, when they begin to lie & stonewall …they become part of the establishment.

Naturally, for Trump to achieve his goal of Dictator-in-Chief, he needs to bring in the lowest, most immoral characters available …which for him was a pretty easy task. The scum of society, every crook & two-bit con-man in the world can race to the top of the Trump employment line with just the right resumé.

As Einstein said; “Force always attracts men of low morality.” Well? Look at all the “moral people” that this Bonespurs Bunker Boy is attracted to? …and those he attracts!

People are dying, and dying fast …119,000+ deaths since I wrote 118,000 a few paragraphs up. The South is now experiencing the first real wave in their area.

With all the openings around the Country coinciding with all the massive protests and all the police violence, medical authorities everywhere have said that the rate of Covid-19 Infections will rise at minimum, double the rate…and leading to twice the death rate.

Why the Donald J Trump era could never ever be normal …even if the old normal was supplanted by the “new” normal.

In the middle of a devastating pandemic’s 1st wave, suddenly, financial anxiety arose around the Red States, all under the spell of Trump’s own selfish subliminal urging has caused the country to re-open the economy sooner than what the CDC recommended.

His tantrums to open-up the country early so he can focus on the economy & get re-elected …it’s going to cause the pandemic to unnecessarily rise.

The latest projections on the Death Rate show it will up to 140,000 victims and counting, by September 2020. That’s before the fall & winter waves arrive, along with the yearly Flu …which experts say; will complicate matters with the Coronavirus hanging around, attacking everyone in its path.

All the upward spikes currently throughout the country, does not include anyone after the re-openings …so, beware, use social distance, mask & gloves if you go out…COVID-19 is taking its summer vacation, sightseeing in the good ol’ USA. It started by visiting the warm & sunny South, then, it’ll find its way and take Route 66 West …visiting and infecting all of America’s rural towns & landscapes

Then to add to the health & human crisis chaos …because if it’s bound to happen, why not now? and why not with this President? Another Police Brutality with another black fatality …but this time, it was captured by a 17 years old girl’s cell phone. Captured the entire murder, the entire 8:46 before he died …live worldwide on the news network of your choice.

The following day, a Protest of this Police’s brutality followed immediately and picked up steam throughout the nation with protests favoring George Floyd, by men & women of all colors, all races, all religions, and all persuasions…young & old, turning into a national protest for all those who have died through the years without justice served. Years of systemic police brutality with the Black Community.

From there, it mushroomed throughout the world…using George Floyd & Black Lives Matter as their Battle Cry & Symbol …protesting for us! We, the People, and to save America from Fascism. While using the platform to protest their own injustices to blacks, the poor, and all other minorities in their own countries.

Mostly, they’re Peaceful protesters…and yes, you’re gonna find those who’ll go and loot, some because of years of frustration with the system, and some because they’re just no good! …you’ll find them in every color, in every race, & in every creed. The majority are Peace loving people, risking their own lives with a deadly virus hanging around that’s attacking & infecting over 2 million Americans already.

They are willing to die to make this country what the American Dream is all about … where anyone can envision being President someday, where America truly is the Land of the Free, and where free speech & protesting your government is not just your constitutional right, but your constitutional duty!

Over 240 years of repression and systemic racism by White America, Americans of all ages, not just Blacks are asking for change, enough is enough!…almost 50% and in some places more than 50%, are White …Young, Middle-aged, and Senior Citizens are all marching together, men, women, and children, along with Hispanics, Orientals, Hindus, & Arabs. Americans all, working together … making the perfect union …where more and more Police & young protesters have taken a knee in respect of George Floyd & support for Black Lives Matter.

Police Chiefs are not only taking a knee but, some even hold signs saying “Black Lives Matter”…and when even Politicians like the GOP’s Mitt Romney are walking alongside in solidarity, expressing his support for Black Lives Matter ., know there is a change in the air, this is not just another protest!

But for Peace-Loving protesters, Trump calls them thugs, low lives, left-wing Terrorists, and Antifa…even if it's only ideology with no official group or members. Trump calls Antifa; Terrorists, who come into towns just to loot all the businesses & stores, and rape white women.

Naturally, this Bonespurs Bunker Baby, a lifelong prissy little raving coward, now projects himself as the big tough macho-man “Law and Order” President…who will use his power to crush the people’s right to assemble, at any cost with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Flashbang grenades, and the use of deadly force…but with compassion, as he says!

His belief that he has unlimited powers is causing serious big-time trouble & conflicts with the US Military…ordering what amounts to Martial Law and ordering the Military to squash the Peaceful Demonstrators.

The power he says he has; using the Military against their own brothers and sisters, failed miserably after one try in DC.

When General Mark Milley, apologized for not knowing he was duped into a political photo-op. And made a point in saying the Military, pretty much is not going to participate in Trump’s show! While Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said he never knew where he was going, except he was just part of a group that Trump wanted to take a walk with, and went along with him.

Susan Collins said; “Oh! He learned his lesson from the Impeachment” Oh! Susan, well, I guess he didn’t learn his lesson, did he? He hasn’t learned diddly squat!

Now, he wants to go into another city, Seattle, and forcibly remove CHAZ (the police-free zone)…using military intervention, again. Never in American History has the regular US Military ever been used against their fellow Americans!

He once said that he would love to see the Nation divided, so he can do a lot more than he’s doing…divide and conquer….just what Putin wants to see, a divided nation and the conquered destruction of Democracy.

The inhumanity, the schadenfreude, and the immorality of this indecent human being show his true color, a genocidal psychopath who enjoys inflicting pain and seeing people suffer. He really does enjoy watching.

It’s his opportunity to finally be #1 Greatest All-time in something. This heartless man is trying to prove Man’s Inhumanity to Man …all live and in living color, throughout the world …as long as he’s in front of the cameras and get his ratings is all he lives for!

It doesn’t matter who lives or who dies …it’s who’s beneficial to ‘his’ final solution.

The most indecent and insulting act a man can do to his own rabid followers. Have a rally during the Pandemic with no space distancing or masks …bundled up like a can of sardines for almost 8 hours till their fearless leader decides to show up, just to listen to someone say nothing, but arouse the emotions of his masses with the same typical horseshit racist speech of fear & hate that he’s been using for 3 years.

But the most intriguing and despicable insult is talking to his minions about his total disregard for the ex-hoax, that “is almost gone by now”, and “no one needs to worry about it, anymore”! …yet, he still makes everyone that comes in, sign a waiver not holding him responsible if they catch COVID-19!

Waivers & Non-disclosure agreements …it’s the entire life of a phony who’s never taken responsibility for anything in his life!. In his own words; “I don’t take any responsibility at all”.

As of this writing, 2.2 Million people are infected, We’re reaching 120,000 Deaths …with only 7–8% of the country tested. We have a President who does not care how many are sick or how many are dead. Working against the advice of Health officials while opening the country. Yes! as I said, he’s committing Genocide by Public Policies.

Continuation of systemic racism by Law Enforcement has become another target of our new “Law & Order” President…his urge to violently crush the 1st Amendment rights of dissent! And his unapologetic stand favoring murderous Cops over their Black Victims!

Celebrating himself at a Rally just across the Greenwood Neighborhood, Where 99 years ago, the largest racial massacre in American History took place…where hundreds of blacks were massacred, thousands injured & misplaced, buildings and homes all burned or blown to the ground by a white racist town!

And now in the face of yet another killing by the Atlanta Police Dept. …and again seeing the murder in its entirety, the calls to stop the rally in order to restore a little peace, that may become violent between the White & Black Communities has become a moot point.

It’s a subliminal call for Trump’s “2nd Amendment” crowd to take up arms…in case he loses in November…to rebel against the US Government and start another Civil War.

If anyone since the days of Adolf Hitler can prove Man’s Inhumanity to Man in this day and age…is Donald J Trump!

Remember November, America! Choose wisely!

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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