Racists & Patriots: Who’s Who in Trumpian Doublespeak

Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism ~~~ Howard Zinn

Civil Disobedience in America began with the “patriotic act” of dumping George III’s Earl Grey in Boston’s Harbor, where it became one hell of a Tea Party!
Yes! they were truly great patriots …but even great patriots can show their personal ugly side of Racism. Dressing up like Mohawk & Narragansett Indians was mostly a cynical & cowardly way of trying to blame the Indians as a cover for their misdeeds …just in case, they didn’t receive the approval they expected.
Peaceful Civil Disobedience is your Constitutional Right! …Political Dissent upon the Government is your ultimate form of Freedom of Expression!

The cornerstone of our Democracy has always been our Civil Liberties. Every Domestic problem this Country has ever had, and certainly now in the age of Trumpism, has always been centered around our Civil Liberties…and We, the People’s dire need to always protect and preserve them.
There’s a reason why our forefathers decided what The First Amendment should consist of. It protects all human being’s basic liberties; Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Petition your Government, and Freedom to Assemble.

You can’t call the Country garbage as long as I’m President?!?!
Well, We, the People have all the right to say whatever we want (short of advocating murder)! …that’s the exact reason for the 1st Amendment!! America does not bow to Kings or especially pretend Kings, anymore!
We, the People pay the President’s salary, and we ‘do’ have the absolute right to criticize who we pay, and whatever else we are paying for! We have the absolute right…it’s our civic duty and our patriotic moral obligation to criticize the Policies, the Behavior, the Character, and the Practices of our Government! …from the bottom all the way up to the President!

A crazed Psychopathic Demagogue trying to destroy Democracy, one pillar at a time, to build his own “Perfect Society”?!?!
He practices Exploiting Hatred, Bigotry, and Fear for the almighty dollar while promoting rabid Racism. He uses dangerous subliminal thoughts within the art of doublespeak, using all four types of doublespeak to convince an amazing and increasingly ignorant base; When you say Love, you mean Hate …say Peace, you really mean War, where Bad is Good & Good is Bad. Where Freedom is Slavery, and where Racist attacks are turned around into some sort of Reverse Racism by the attackers, calling themselves the poor victims of their very own Racist attacks.
Any way you look at …it’s Fascism, pure and simple!

Racism is part of America’s roots…all the vicious Racism & Hatred arrived in this Country …first, in 1492 with the so-called “Christian” Spaniards, their massacres of the Indigenous population, and their Slave Trade, then the Wretched Refuse of the Mayflower arrived, and it’s been part of Americana ever since.
Racism in America is nothing new…its been around since the Pilgrims broke bread on Thanksgiving after the genocide massacre of the Pequot Tribe just a few days earlier!
Through the years, every Ethnicity that’s Immigrated to America has been received the same charming way by the same local “Unwelcome Wagon”!

Racism has never left, it only remained dormant…ever since the United States became a more ‘acceptable’ and Civilized Society.
Pure unadulterated Bigotry & Hate has never left the hearts of these crackers …it’s embedded in their souls! They’ve only been patiently waiting for their messiah to arrive, and to make Racism, Bigotry, Hate, Fear, and Violence an acceptable part and the norm in American Society.
It really doesn’t take much to incite naturally hateful human beings. In Donald Trump, they found their perfect Bigot to exploit for all their own imperfect causes!

“Go Back To Where You Came From” has been heard throughout America’s History …by the Blacks, by Asians; first, by the Chinese, and later by the Japanese during WWII, by the Irish who were considered the lowest of the lowest…worse than cow manure. By the Jews, the Germans, by the Swedes & Norwegians in the Upper Midwest, and naturally by Hispanics…and now days, the Muslim & Hindu communities are the latest to join American Society as the newest punching bags for White Nationalists.

Everyone has heard these words at one time or another! they’re not new! …any way you cut it…it’s Institutionalized Racism! It’s all naturally inbred hatred, taught from generation to generation. It’s the ignorance of immoral hypocrites who live their entire lives in self-denial of who they are…and where they came from!!
Maybe if everyone goes back to where they came from, Native Americans can finally claim back their land? …after a few hundred years of destruction by the White Man.

The comments about the 4 Democratic Congresswomen was intended exactly the way it was delivered! All “Brown Skin”, with 3 of them born in the United States…his real target was Rep. Ilhan Omar, and the attacks on Ocasio-Cortez. It wasn’t just about women or women of color, it was an excuse for his continuous Misogynistic and vicious Racist attacks directed at his favorite demographics; Women, Blacks, and Ethnic groups…specifically Hispanics & Muslims!

Blatantly “Naked Racism” is now publicly and officially part of the MAGA 2020 Campaign Agenda, with all the blessings of the Leader of the Free World.
Openly campaigning on behalf of the Hatred of Immigrants and the love for a “White’s Only” Nation! …Build that Wall! Build that Wall! Build that Wall!
Just remember; Walls are not intended to keep People out, but to keep People in! …”Mr. Trump, tear down this Wall!” would be the appropriate cry from the ghost of a “real” Republican!

Calling disrespectful & hateful people, Patriots! …a President that believes that you’re not Patriotic if you disagree with anything he says or does? That type of demeanor and that type of rhetoric only exists with Dictators, who can only hold power by the use of oppression. This is a man who believes White Nationalism is the future of this Country!
First of all, Patriotism is not owned or patented by Donald Trump, the Family Trump, or anyone else in the current Grand Old Party of Russia!
The ability to criticize your Government is Patriotism! …hijacking Patriotism for your own evil deeds is Treason!

Like his hero, Benito Mussolini said; “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and Corporate Power”. Donald Trump wants power more than anything else, and in any which way he can get it …the absolute power of a Dictator has been his lifelong dream. It’s the only way raving cowards like Donny can ever feel totally superior to others…instill fear and act like a tough Macho man!
Unfortunately, this Raving Coward is just too transparent to ever look or act “Macho”…every time he tries to put on an act appearing like a tough guy, People just fall flat on their face and laugh unstoppably!

Every right wing movement is going to have their hero, they always do, their entire lives revolves on Bigotry & Hatred, which produces Fear, and ultimately…Violence.
Like every Fascist or Fascist-like right wing movement, it thrives in Demagoguery…the perfect tool to exploit ignorance.
It’s understandable for all the scums of this earth and all the uneducated ignorance to come out of the woodwork, and follow a Psychopathic Demagogue and a publicly exposed Grifter!
But, to follow a man who’s a well known narcissistic psychopath, a pathological liar! a self-confessed sexual abuser, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a philanderer of the worst kind, a rude, crude, & lewd individual with absolutely no class, no manners, no morals, no compassion, no empathy or remorse? What’s even worse …he truly is dumb & stupid, totally uneducated with an Ivy League School Degree…bought and paid in full by Daddy!

I can see the filth in our society following The Donald …but the Big Question remains unanswered; Why would any normal intelligent everyday Republican with any moral decency still support this totally indecent human being? Yea! money talks…but aside of the greed for money, why would anyone still support Donald Trump?

“If you repeat a Lie often enough it becomes the Truth”.
Sadly, that’s the solemn Truth! But for People to believe masters of doublespeak…it takes an X Factor! Someone the masses can believe in …the Messenger!
The right Messenger would be extremely Dangerous …the wrong Messenger would be totally Disastrous!



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