The Danger of Denying vs Accepting Truth & Facts

“Get it all on record now … get the films …get the witnesses …because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened” ~~~ Dwight D Eisenhower

American Culture has been an ongoing evolutionary process since the first wretched refuse stepped into our teeming shores, claiming …I’m better than you!

White Anglo-Saxons have claimed from the very first day, that America is “their” God-given land …their promised land!

Yes! There were many good people who immigrated for a far better life, than they had in the “old country”. But a huge portion that arrived was the true wretched outliers of society. Hateful bigots & racists have formed a major part of America’s landscape since the very first immigrants.

Black slavery was a normal part of American Society …through the years, the persecution of Chinese laborers, and every other ethnic group that would arrive; all Hispanics, especially Mexicans, were frowned upon …so were the Germans, the Norwegians, and all other Scandinavians, the anti-Semitism against Jews …and of course, the Irish!

And it hasn’t got any better throughout the years …the civil war threw everything out of proportion, with the creation and the violence of the Ku Klux Klan just as the era of reconstruction began, and after reconstruction …and throughout the 20th century with its lynching’s of the Black population, Jim Crow laws were a common thing. The racist hatred and violence during the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s …especially, after the landmark Supreme Court 9–0 ruling on “Brown vs Board of Education” …it became more openly public. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act …White Supremacy & Nationalism started to become more compliant with the norms of American society and civilized culture.

It was still around, the bigotry and sheer hatred against all races and creeds. White Nationalists, like the skin-heads and American Neo-Nazis, joined forces with Supremacists, and its almost identical ideology …becoming a force to be reckoned, with! For years, as our multi-racial & multi-ethnic society continued to culturally evolve and grow, they became a fairly dormant entity…until now!

Until the ex-leader of the free world and his cohorts in the GOP, with a wink and a nod, gave them impunity to act whichever way they wanted …to intimidate and threaten all they want and with whoever they want.

It really hasn’t got any better. The protagonist of this very real story is a Narcissistic Psycho/Sociopath …a truly paranoid & schizophrenic human being. A lifelong raving coward, with an abnormal fervent love, obsession, and addiction for the evils of schadenfreude. A con-artist/snake oil salesman extraordinaire …America’s own Svengali and cult guru who build the evilest cult in America’s 245-year history!

And the partners in crime? …a degenerate Grand Old Party obsessed with regaining power at any cost, and by any means necessary …some for their own self-greed, even by destroying democracy and forming an Autocracy that will gain them a one-party rule for life …and way more important for others, knowing the White population will become the minority in this country in the very near future, their dream is to rule the majority of this nation by “Apartheid rule” …racial apartheid, economic apartheid, social apartheid, and gender apartheid.

America has reached that stage as a democratic nation where the use of psychology upon an unaware complacent population to sway public opinion, is out of control! Placing Americans against each other takes precedent over all these talks about “unifying our country”. Republicans are using it in order to take control of one’s mind …and most Americans don’t really understand or simply don’t know how to respond!

Turn people’s thoughts and ideas into a cultish following, It’s all about mind control …and the ability to control the masses. Once you’ve hooked them into becoming a member of a cult …it’s been proven throughout history …they’ll even die for you!.

The deliberate systematic use of lies, disinformation & misinformation …and misconception. Deceiving by managing to obfuscate everything in its way …create total chaos while demonizing your enemies…all, while continually gaslighting and psychologically “projecting” 24/7 all their evil plans, all their failures, and all their sins on others, whether political or social opponents.

And the prominent use of “Subliminal” psychology …continuously messaging words & thoughts as codes to their exploited, uneducated, and institutionally ignorant followers. Playing out the “Big Lie” to a willfully ignorant cult …the big lie that even former AG Bill Barr admitted, in his own words; “it was all BULLSHIT”!

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength! Yea! Orwell wrote it 72 years ago … his predictions were not that far off. But he was off by 37 years …those suckers PT Barnum said were born every minute, weren’t ready to be exploited back in 1984.

As our former president said in Kansas City at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention; “What you’re reading and what you’re seeing is not happening”. Sounds like that bastard Ike warned America, about! Just like all his comments and the Republican Congress’ continuous rhetoric about Jan. 6th …to derail an investigation cause a good portion of them were responsible, themselves, for the riot!

Their view? The January 6th Insurrection is a figment of your imagination, a fake event …what you and the world saw live and in living color on TV, really never happened! What you saw with your own eyes, you really never saw it! You’ve seen nothing!

An insurrection by Presidential Impunity …an insurrection professionally planned, staged, approved, and lead by the President of the United States, with a costly pre-arranged rally to fire up the crowds into essentially taking the capitol away from the politicos inside…and supposedly, give it back to “the people”. An insurrection by the worst, most wretched elements, the true outliers of American society …Fascists, White Supremacists, Separatists, Anti-Democracy factions, Anarchists, Conspiracy Theorists & Cultists, and every Tom, Dick, & Harry who just wanted to be part of the action …every single one of them, truly nobodies who all want to be somebody.

The GOP enablers continue to push lies after lies …about the Big Lie, about pushing fear and the so-called threat by immigrants, …by building Anti-Semitism, by breeding anti-LGBTQ sentiment, using homophobia, islamophobia, & xenophobia to gaslight the population. They’re politically weaponizing the lies about the Covid Virus and the use of Masks, making up their own hoaxes to use on their enemies …and now, the most incredibly indecent thing anyone except maybe Adolf Hitler might do …allowing their followers, with the GOP’s personal impunity, to intimidate and publicly threaten or even harm anyone, including children.

And if that’s not important enough …using the “Big Lie” as the excuse to enact or trying to enact over 300 laws across the nation …red state after red state …forming their own 21st-century version of Jim Crow laws, by removing the Voting rights of minorities, causing the Voter suppression they need in order to win an election. Also, enacting laws removing Women’s rights, especially the abortion rights set by Roe v. Wade …essentially telling women across America that they have no rights in controlling their own bodies …it’s up to White males or a stacked Right-Wing US Supreme Court to make those decisions for them!

Of course, rich white males would still overrule those decisions and pay top dollar for an abortion on their wives, daughters, or mistresses as they did before Roe v. Wade, while the poor return to the old “coat hanger” ways …economic apartheid has been around in America since the first white who stepped into our teeming shores.

It’s all about Chaos, and how much it takes to take down a Country?…lock, stock, and barrel! As Will Durant once said; “Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and dies with chaos”. Right-wing Extremism is spreading its ugly head throughout the world …yet, our concern should be …how it’s spreading throughout this country!

They don’t want the truth to ever come out …their efforts to change the school boards throughout the country, by replacing (just call it “book burning”) or re-writing US History with their “bastard’s” alternative versions and alt. facts. Banning Critical Race Theory and replacing it with their own alternate version, spewing all the great and wonderful things that White America did for the Slaves …while, teaching “Anglo-Saxon Replacement”; A theory that states a “liberal-elite” plot to ‘replace’ the native white population with non-white immigrants, who will pollute and destroy the White Christian culture.

It’s not in their interest to teach students the Truth …it’s to indoctrinate kids from the very beginning into a life of pure Fascist hell, period!

Why is the GOP trying so hard to avoid giving out any records or information of any kind whatsoever, in investigating Jan. 6th? Why do they try so hard into changing the narrative and refusing to cooperate, if they say they’re not guilty? … cause the truth and the facts show they’re all culprits to the crimes. They really don’t want you to know the Truth! Why are they so scared? If they believe in true Christianity, they must believe in John 8:32 “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

The problem? It’s the hypocrisy they all share …they can’t handle the Truth! They’re all …guilty as sin! They know the truth won’t make them free …they’ll just end up in jail, instead!

The bigger problem is, how does America get out of this Chaos? The simple truth? You’ve got to fight fire with fire!

You can’t be decent with the indecent! A decent person is respectful, compassionate, and empathetic …they have honor! The indecent are disrespectful, uncompassionate, unsympathetic, merciless, and are totally dishonorable …they just don’t give a damn who lives or dies!

Screw taking the high road when you’re dealing with people that go so low …they end up visiting Lucifer, every day!

There’s another insurrection seriously looming on the horizon, again, incited by the very same person who denies inciting the first insurrection and the same US Reps that aided & abetted him on Jan. 6th. A new insurrection, also incited by people like Matt Braynard, who said; “I sure hope people will show up and not coward to these rotten people in DC. …it’s your capital, you built it, and you have the right to take it back!”

And what’s the Government going to do about it? …what have they done since Jan, 20th? How many people have been indicted, arrested, and convicted? …not the rioters, but the real treasonous people who planned and orchestrated it …and are still leading and weaponizing all their causes? How many politicos have committed other types of crimes …including child trafficking and pedophilia? …how many of them are a jail? Not many, if any!

How many others including businessmen or Lawyers have been arrested or totally disbarred …not just suspended? No one! Only 4 people have been arrested for intimidating and physically threatening election officials and workers! Who’s defending those officials and workers? What has the DOJ done? What’s has the FBI done? Nothing! …just continue to investigate!

We have a decent President and a decent Attorney General, who both, believe in respect & decorum …in bi-partisanship, in the rule of law, in people’s rights …no matter whether they’re good or bad people! But, we’re living in a violent era, where no one gives a damn what the law says!

You can’t treat indecency by being decent to everyone! Enough is enough! You need to start kicking ass! Invoke the National Defense Authorization Act! …which includes domestic violence & terrorism, and re-authorized by a GOP Senate, over its ex-leader’s veto …lock every single one of them up, and throw the key away!

Complacency destroys Freedom & Democracy! A complacent nation allowed Fascism to flourish once when there was no one left to speak up for someone! Again, we’re living in an extremely complacent nation, today! What’s America going to really do about it? It’s all up to you!

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose…nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ if it ain’t free”!




Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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RF Schatten

RF Schatten

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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