The Evolution of the GOP…from Honest Abe to Dishonest Don

The Evolution of the Grand Old Party…from Honest Abe to Dishonest Don. “Honesty is the 1st Chapter in the Book of Wisdom” ~~~ Thomas Jefferson

I’m the greatest Businessman on this Planet!…so what’s a little $650 Million Dollar debt going to do to me? For someone like Donald Trump, who never pays off any of his debts…absolutely nothing! With a History of 4,000+ Lawsuits, sitting on both the Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s side of the tables…does Donald Trump really care? Just keep everyone entangled in the Courts, forever.

But what happens if he becomes President? A little Conflict of Interest out there, folks!…or is Germany going to freeze all American Assets until “our” President pays off his “personal” debt to Deutsche Bank? How about the $950 Million Dollar debt…or better yet…scam, on the Bank of China?

Like in all his business deals, they’re all complicated arrangements where everyone involved ends up big losers, while the Donald’s responsibility in every deal, turns towards the “Take the Money & Run” option!…does he care? He’s done it so many times that he’s been blackballed by every American Bank in the country…now, his tête-à-tête arrangements are made in liaison with Foreign Banks and other Countries…their regret? they didn’t learn their lesson after watching the Donald screw everyone in the United States with all his Bankruptcies, including the debts that brought an entire city…Atlantic City, New Jersey…down!

Now, we have a Republican Party that has self-imploded…the chaos of Trump-a-mania has divided an already divided Party to a point of no return! 50, 70, 125…everyday more and more groups of Security experts, Diplomats, and Military Generals, from both Donkeys and Dumbos, are asking the GOP and stop funding Trump, who’s making a profit from this whole Election scam of his, while Republicans running for local or state offices are exhausting their funds while getting clobbered in the Polls.

The very real possibility of a Landslide appears more realistic as the days pass and Nov. 8th gets closer and closer! The chance of losing the US Senate has been in their minds for a while…but now, the chance of losing the US House, which appeared relatively safe not too long ago?? The Republican Party with or without Trump are in dire straights…they are literally in a Lose-Lose situation…and absolutely no one in sight, not even Mighty Mouse is come and save the day!

Donald Trump’s campaign is now run by the Breitbart News Corp, the American White Supremacists’ bible for News…sorry Fox! but you’re just too damn liberal next to Breitbart! The partnership between Breitbart and the RNC is going to take its toll…the defections of Reagan, Nixon, and Bush Republicans are not just a few, the list keeps growing by the day! And with GOP politicos trying to keep their seats…more and more of them are breaking with the party and endorsing Clinton! While at the same time, hoping against hope that a Clinton Landslide’s coattails don’t sweep them out of office.

Unless the Republican Party disavow Donald Trump and decides to cut their losses and concentrate on their Congressional Races, they are going to lose and lose really big!…across the entire board!

What this election cycle has done is bring out the real character of today’s GOP…you don’t need to drink the ‘Tea’ anymore to see the scum, the Republican Party has within their own ranks. And with the Party’s ‘titular’ leader spewing Fear, Hate, Bigotry, and Racism…not counting his super misogynistic ideals!…without refuting Trump, the Republican Party is validating all his actions, and you can say they’ve officially taken the position as the Party of Sociophobes and Sociopaths, hateful towards entire Religions, the Blacks, the Hispanics, all ethnic Groups, Anti-gay, Anti-women, Anti-veterans, and anyone else who’s not an Evangelical, White, and Anglo-Saxon!

But, they do favor more guns in the streets, folks! All so the public can go out, and prepare for a shooting anywhere or anytime. All, cause there’s nothing more exciting than a Shootout at an OK Corral, or your closest Convenience Store for this group of unintellectual humanoids.
The Republican Party now welcomes…as their new official home…the Ku Klux Klan and American Neo-Nazis, along with their very own GOP candidate for US Congress. From Louisiana!…stage Right!…it’s the former Grand Wizard of the Klan, David Duke! who’s very very confident about the future of the GOP. On his Radio Show, he Interviewed Don Advo, from the White Supremacist Neo-Nazi “Daily Stormer”, who told Duke; “We appear to have taken over the Republican Party”!!!

A Republican Party that has lowered the bar standards, down into the depths of Hell…”Honesty” is not part of the Republican vocabulary. With Donald Trump giving a speech and Fact Checked for one lie, once every 4 Seconds?…no, there’s nothing Honest about the Trumpster or those in the GOP that adamantly supports him, like Christie, Rubio, and Carson. Beware of the next massive load of garbage and vulgarity the GOP is going to throw around till Nov. 8th. The philosophy of the Trumpster’s newest Campaign Management…”Team Breitbart”? “Turn on the Hate, and Burn that Bitch Down”!

Wisdom? that was the Party of Lincoln, long, long time ago! Where there’s no Honesty or Honor, there’s no Virtue…there are only empty Chapters in the Republican Book of Wisdom…that’s an ancient word in today’s Grand Old Party, lost in translation with the advent of Republican Batshit Politics and the loss of Respectful Political Decorum!

The GOP, from the grandeur and greatness of Abraham Lincoln to the orange spray tanned version of Donald’s fictional dad, Trumpy the Orangutan!…responsible quality Republican leadership is at an old time low, and no signs of a savior anywhere soon on the horizon!

How well will they do? Donald Trump says he will manage this country like he manages his own life…a Bankrupt America, I presume?!?! Just to think that the total of the debts incurred by Donald Trump…in the United States, and all over the world…is enough to make a decent size dent on paying off our National Debt!

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Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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