The Moral Degeneracy of America’s “Good Fine People”“

Goodness is about character…integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people” ~~ Dennis Prager

America is losing its “Goodness” …its moral compass, the character that made this Country #1 in the World.
It’s why everyone who just wants a chance to become self-sufficient, to improve their lives and that of their children in any way possible, would immigrate to America…the “Land of Opportunity”! And why the oppressed, why refugees all want to come to America…it’s the “Land of the Free”!

True, we do have an extremely evil Draconian US Administration, criminally corrupt from the President on down, and committed to systematic cruelty and dehumanization. All willing to destroy Democracy to further their own ambitions of greed and install their own form of government.
But, all this really didn’t start with Donald Trump, as much as everyone wants to blame the Trumpster for creating this whole mess …all, this non-too stable genius did was exacerbate all the ills of all our social issues to the forefront. Of what’s been happening in America pretty much since 1980, when Ronald Reagan & the GOP…and the conservative “right-wing” Moral Majority…consummated their wickedly sinister vows.
Ever since then, the Christian Coalition which was formed in 1989, has been gruelingly working as a very active partner with the Grand Old Party in their own joint venture to create ‘their’ America.

In Donald Trump, Evangelical Christians in America and Right-Wing Nationalists found their “Messenger”. A man, who like them, without scruples & without a single strand of moral fiber whatsoever…for money and votes, he’ll do all their bidding and anything else they want. Trying to turn the integrity, the moral courage, and the altruistic values of our Country into ethical nihilism….like his attempts to make right-wing degeneracy and the hate, the bigotry, the bullying, and the death threats that go along with them, the norm in our society.

Evangelical Christians call themselves People of God, yet reject all of God’s values of Altruism…the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. The Republican Party was always known as the “Party of Family Values” …so? what happened? Today, they still hypocritically and shamelessly spew their Family Values …and as far as they’re concerned, they still believe they’re “Good Fine People”!

These good fine people blindly follow a psychopathic nihilist demagogue, obsessed with cruelty and abuse. Since the President of the United States usually sets the moral tone for the Nation, this immoral President…with a wink and a nod…set his moral tone.

Anyone with any shred of decency would be outraged the way our so-called civilized society has evolved. Plato said; “Good People do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while Bad People will find a way around the laws”
Today, finding their ways around the laws is a standard operating procedure for the good people of the GOP, and of the US Administration. Finding their way around creating more inhumane cruelty is their primary mission …from Birth to the September of their lives!

The U.S. Administration has gone out of their way to promote systematic Dehumanization, with the wholehearted approval of all the Good Evangelical Christians in America, led by Vice President Mike Pence, who considers himself and his wife, “Mother” …extremely religious “Children of God”.

What a time to be alive! Witnessing History first hand…in living color. Historians will write and describe these Dark Times in America. Not just about a criminally corrupt immoral President, but the greedy ignorance and the loss of moral values that has spread throughout the GOP. The hardcore base of Bigots & Hatemongers? They were already ignorant …way before they even knew or heard of a man called Trump.

So, what attracted these faux Christians to have such a hot passionate love affair with a faux President, later, renamed the Chosen One?

Just look at the way our good people in Govt treats Children:
Good People don’t take away Children’s Healthcare.
Good People don’t take away School Lunches from a Child cause of the family’s lack of finances, or the Color of their Skin, or the Religion they profess.
Good People don’t allow other people…especially children…to die, cause the color of their skin, or their country of origin. Or if Medical Lifesaving Treatments are not available in other countries…good people don’t do things like that!
Good People don’t rip babies away from their mother’s arms and separate them.
Good People don’t put Women & Children in Cages!

And kids are not just the only ones maltreated by the US Govt. The way they treat Women, tells you a lot about their character and their cowardice:
Good People don’t take away a Woman’s personal right over her own body.
Good People don't. take away a Woman’s basic Equal Rights!
Good People don’t allow women who are violated to suffer cause the good people of the GOP are changing the laws everywhere, taking away the rights of the woman violated and making the Rapist, most of the time…the victim! If they had it their way, these good fine “Christian” people would plant a “Scarlet Letter” on the little “hussy”.

Do they care about the Elderly? Here’s how the Gov’t cares and treats Mom & Pop:
Good People don’t allow the Elderly to go hungry, pair off with another elderly, get married to unite their monthly checks, and eat a little better than the alternative…becoming a gourmet in Cat Food. Ask the retirees who lived in South Beach, Fl…before the influx & the business redevelopment of that area…ask them how tasty those cans of Cat Food were?!?!
Good People don’t take away Food Stamps from old people or anyone who needs them, especially the Poor! Regardless of Race, Color, or Creed.
Good People don’t take away Meals on Wheels from the elderly, which is design to address the need for help with Senior Hunger & Isolation of the infirmed!
Good People don’t take away Heating for the elderly, or the poor, or anyone else for that matter. No human being should freeze to death cause lack of heating or a lack of housing.
Good People don’t take away Social Security checks from those whose only income to be able to live comes directly from Social Security, itself.
Good People don’t take Healthcare away from the Elderly…cause of their age, the most susceptible people to sickness.

How we treat our planet will determine how much longer we’ll be able to stay alive. Does the Gov’t care? We’re the only Country on Earth that opposes Environmental Regulations:
Good People don’t purposely pollute our rivers and streams, systematically destroy every aspect of our environment, and eradicate all endangered species. All for the smell of money and absolute power!
Good People don’t roll-back (as of Sept. 2019) 85 Environmental Regulations intended to keep our Nation and our planet clean & safe to live.
Good People don’t gamble the future of our children and that of their children to live in the past …the past is dead! Good people don’t regress into time, they progress into the future!

We can’t forget the Trumpian cream of the crop …the loyal minions who will follow their leader and march right off a cliff!
The Hate, the Bigotry, the immorality & the ignorance …but mainly the Blind-loyalty to a fascist Psychopathic Racist and White Nationalist. Too much reality in this show?
Good People don’t blindly follow Criminals & Despots …and Good People don’t take away a person’s basic human rights!

And what about the character of the good men & women employed or elected to lead and protect this Nation?
Good People are not Perverts! They are not Pedophiles, Misogynist Bullies, Wife Beaters, Rapists, Homophobes…or Xenophobes. They are not Criminals or Traitors, either…and Good People don’t lack respect for the rule of law.

It really doesn’t matter who started all of this now, or how it all started hundreds of years ago…it’s our destiny. America has never experienced this type of Reality!.
Ahhyup! it was meant to happen, a shock to our system, to our very way of life! It’s a test of the American will.

It’s our responsibility as human beings to make whatever corrections need to be made and establish a society and a way of life we want for the future of our children!…and all other future generations!

It’s also our choice to make! …it’s what we’re looking for out of life. Also, in what direction would we want this country to go ….whether or not we’re satisfied with our Nation’s current state of affairs, or whether we want some type of change. The reality of this Reality Show is that you only have 2 choices; Give up & give in to hate, develop a fondness for greed, and join the Trumpian future, or be resilient, vote, & try to make America truly great, again!

Always remember the thrill of victory, but especially the agony of defeat. A loss??? Think about what could happen after 2020. Reality is knowing 2020 might be the one last chance to save America…choose wisely!

Written by

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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