The Truth? …who can handle the Truth?

What would Joseph Welch have said if he would’ve been alive, today…and asked the President of the United States; “Have you no sense of decency, sir”?!?!

Ahhnope! No! Zero! None what so ever!

No Decency & no Shame? Words too complicated for this man to understand…they’re simply not in his vocabulary. Here you have a man who drinks way too much of his own Kool-Aid and knows that the Senate gave him a Card Blanche to become as corrupt as he wants to be! Now, he believes he can play out all his sordid fantasies and become what most cowards dream of being …a two-bit Dictator in a gaudy looking uniform that doesn’t belong to him, and lots of Medals. In the stable genius’ case…big, big shiny Medals.

Joseph Mccarthy was not a decent man …and had no shame either. He was finally brought down by the man known in the Free Press as, “The Creator of Broadcast Journalism” …Edward R. Murrow.

Edward R. Murrow’s voice presented American Broadcast Journalism as the leading voice for News in the World …first through the Radio describing truthfully in person, as it happened, the German Blitzkrieg of London during WWII.

Then, the downfall of the “Tail Gunner Joe” Era, as McCarthy & his lies went down in flames by Murrow’s truthful words. In this case, it was an editorial commentary that accomplished its job. That’s the reporter’s job…to seek & expose the truth!

The way all good Journalists supposed to comport themselves. Honest objective investigations in seeking the truth, then expose the findings. Finally, confront the target of the investigation publicly face to face and ‘demand’ for a response to the allegations. Call the person out and don’t permit stonewalling, persist till an answer is given!

Recently, Anderson Cooper invited to his show former Illini Governor Rod Blagojevich, who recently had his sentence commuted. Blago called himself a “Political Prisoner” when Cooper called him out and exposed him for what he’s all about …and literally ended saying; “it’s all just bullshit”!

Now, Jim Acosta…no stranger in calling out the President …sparred another round with the Donald., this time in India at a New Delhi news conference. Calling him out on his “Record on Delivering the Truth”!

The Man who has lied 16,241 times between Jan. 20th, 2017 and 3 years later to the date…and currently closing in at 17K with over 3,000 “conflicts of interests”, calls himself the most honest president in American history. Acosta pretty much called his bullshit! Though not as audible as Cooper.

Acosta also asked the President if he was willing to take a “Pledge not to accept help from a Foreign Country” before the President had his daily meltdown, brushed it off, and started his tirade by attacking CNN.

Justice Hugo Black said; “In the 1st Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to bare the secrets of government and inform the people. It’s the responsibility of a free press in its duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people. The Press was to serve the governed, not governors”.

There’s no such thing as “Fake News” …some is just being misleading with fabricated lies and a big dosage of propaganda, but overwhelmingly most are telling the irrefutable truth. Some can’t handle the truth …but the truth, no matter which way you cut it, is still the truth.

Time for all journalists, print and digital, to rise up around the country, unite, and join Acosta, Cooper, and Chris Wallace at Fox News, and do the job which they intended to pursue in life, instead of worrying about contracts & “corp. policy” issues. It’s much more important than a job… it’s the Press’ solemn obligation to the “Governed”.

It’s time the Free Press starts to take on Trumpism for what it is, call out the liars and expose them all. When you expose the lies and the propaganda, the Truth will always come out…even if sometimes it may be a little inconvenient!

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