Trump: The Inherent Soul of a Con-Artist

“The idea that business exists simply to maximize profit and not use its power to be helpful in society is really destructive” ~~~ Jerry Greenfield

Will the United States be willing to elect a person who’s a certifiable fraud? A man who openly lies…a born liar…and a man blackballed by every major American Bank in the United States, cause his long-standing history of never ever paying back his loans! His need to deal with Foreign Banks? simply cause no one in the United States is willing to lend him another red cent!

And this character wants to do the same with this Country as he has done for himself? I guess he means, destroying this Nation’s economy first, and ‘then’ make it great again! Or more likely; make Donald Trump Great Again!…pay off all his debts with Taxpayers’ Cash, and funnel all the money in Government contracts through Trump companies, like he funneled the GOP’s coffers having all his expenses paid by the GOP directly to his different Trump Companies. Years ago, Trump said; he could become the 1st person to make a profit while running for Office!…again, it’s not about the “Office” or about the “People”…for The Donald, it’s all about the “Money”!

Donald Trump talks tough enough…but he’s truly just a little pussy! “a delicate flower”, as Mark Sumner said. A coward of a human being who never owns up to his reckless prose. The man with the lowest IQ of any former President or Candidate on either Party, in American History!…this clown wants America’s trust in making him President, yet doesn’t trust Americans enough to see his Tax Portfolio!

People with great business acumen and a great deal of “real money” don’t need to brag about their accomplishments!…when a man continuously boasts how much Money he has, and how great a businessman he is….you know he’s a total, complete phony! A faker! as Ruth Bader Ginsberg astutely called Donald Trump. A true habitual liar and a fraudulent human being, who only cares how much he can make off other people…there is a reason why he said; “I love poorly educated or uneducated People”!!

How great is Donald Trump as a businessman? Let us forget all the Bankruptcies, 4,000+ Lawsuits, all his Business Failures throughout his life, and all the Fraud & Scam Cases currently in Court. Donald Trump is running for President on his acumen for “Business”, reminding everyone how much he’s made…and his illusions of grandeur…showing off his riches. You too, can be like Donald Trump! Part of his demagoguery? “I can make this country rich and prosperous just like I did for myself”.

How much does the Trumpster really have? On “Paper” he’s the richest man in the Universe…but his tangible assets says otherwise. A History of bad investments and never paying back his loans has made Donald Trump look elsewhere for Money. He owes Millions to the Russian “Oligarchy” -aka- “Russian Mob”, and it appears that he’s made a deal with Putin regarding his bad debt.
And how about Germany if he becomes President? and Deutch Bank?…he owes them a serious $350+ Million Dollars in loans…like the Trumpster in America, get the Money and run, and don’t pay anybody back!

Donald Trump is running for President on his “proven” business record. So why would someone vote for a businessman who has failed in every venture he’s ever undertaken, and owes enough Money in the United States and to the rest of the world, to pay off a sizable chunk of our National Debt! so why vote Donald, President?
Why? As long as he can instill that Fear, Hate, Bigotry, and Racism on the American populace, and never take responsibility for any of his actions…his flock of followers will follow him anywhere, even towards Armageddon!…he ‘does’ love the Uneducated!

Written by

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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