Vice vs Virtue: A Tribal War for America’s Soul

“Democracy must be built through Open Societies that Share Information. When there is Information, there is Enlightenment, when there is Debate, there are Solutions…When there is No Sharing of Power, No Rule of Law, No Accountability, there is Abuse, Corruption, Subjugation and Indignation” ~~~ Atifete Jahiaga

It’s the United States of America, circa 2018: We’re in the Age of Trumpism, the Age of Organized Chaos…and where the official use of Orwellian Doublespeak & Doublethink, Intimidation & Fear, Corruption, the use of Subliminal Propaganda, Ad Hominem, and a systematic Strategy of Lies has become the Norm and the Official way the current US Administration prefers to run its Business…Mobster Style! with the President of the United States as The Godfather.

While Donald Trump tears down our fragile Democracy, one pillar at a time, the Surgency of Political “Tribalism”…as MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki wrote in his new Book…has been Born! It’s been Born out of Hate, out of Fear, out of Rabid Racism, and Religious Intolerance…but primarily, Born out of way too much perpetually Institutionalized Ignorance.

Non-Conformity and too many years of repressing their anger at a quickly evolving Multi-Cultural Society for which they’ve never really been comfortable becoming part of! Ahhyup! Ignorance has always been the perfect exploitation tool used by Demagogues, Charlatans, and Grifters…which totally explains perfectly who makes up Trumpism’s hard core base.

Now, in Donald Trump, America has its very own quintessential Professional Confidence Artist & an eagerly devout and ambitious immoral Quisling…a truly Evil Humanoid…who will bend down over backwards to kiss absolutely anyone’s Derriere!! Absolutely anyone et al for whatever “riches” he can obtain!

He’s dividing this Nation in the exact Authoritarian way…whether he does it for “Crazy Ivan” his Puppet Master, or for his own lifelong revenge on Minorities. As the current old Patriarch of this renowned Racist Family, Donny carries on Fred Trump’s KKK Tiki Torch. And now as President King Shit, he thinks it’s perfectly normal to redefine Racism as Hatred towards the White Race!

Openly citing his affection and allegiance to White Nationalism & Supremacy in this Country and around the World. His deep admiration of Authoritarian Governments like Russia, N. Korea, China, the Philippines, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, all…over America’s long time “natural” Allies, NATO, and other Peaceful Sovereign Nations. And even going as far as openly condemning our very own Intelligence Community and Department of Justice, while consistently in defense of our Natural Enemies and their Intelligence? You can smell the Winds of Treason in the air!

Narcissistic Psychopaths & Pathological Liars are raving Cowards who spend their lives dreaming of Despotism, and not just being the Ruler of a Country…but, King & Ruler of the World!

Now “officially”, Trump has come out of the Closet (though, never a big secret) as a “White Nationalist”…like Father, like Son! And has repeated it often enough as to give all American Neo-Nazis & White Supremacists…with a little wink and a nod…his Blessings.

America is becoming a Society divided by Amoral Indecent Degenerates, Pathological Liars & Hypocrites, Whited Sepulchers, and Greedy Opportunists…and all led by the most Whited Sepulcher of them all.

After 242 years, we’re at the advent of a new, very different type of Political Revolution …America is in the midst of redefining itself. A very crude Tribal Revolution is bringing out the worst of America. And what all this is turning out to be, is not just about (all) Republicans and it’s not about Democrats. Their current views may or may not be a sequelae of past Political issues such as Economics and Foreign Policies, but primarily “Social” and “Religious” …which defines all their issues at stake.

it’s all about the most Basic Moral Ideology, Character, and Moral Fibre We, the People still possess! And so far, it looks as “We, the People” are seriously losing!

For Hard Core Trumpers, they march to the tune of First & Foremost; Bigotry & Racism. That’s pure unadulterated Hate; Homophobia, Xenophobia, Gynephobia, Anti-Semitism, and especially most of all…their all-out passionate hatred of Altruism! And they’re all the same; Uneducated, Unrefined, Uncivilized, Decadent, Disrespectful, Mean, and Vulgar, to levels never before seen in this Country!

They’re comprised primarily of 99.99% White Males, .01% George Zimmermans, Sexual Abusers, Deviates, and White Women who are either too much in love with their Racist & Misogynist Bully husbands, while preferring to turn their faces the other way and try not to care…like Mobsters’ Wives, like Melania! Or, Women who really do like all the Vulgarity and Decadence of living or associating with this type of Filth…like Melania!

Recently, first during the Death of Senator John McCain and then of President George HW Bush…for a brief and shining moment…Civility, Decorum, and Respect, took this Nation back!

It didn’t stop this Country’s Waste from proceeding with their hateful Anti-Semitic Mass Murders and “live” Pipe Bombs mailed to prominent Ex-Presidents & Ex-Vice Presidents. their Families, prominent Ex-Intelligence Officials, Former Cabinet Members, and Distinguished US Citizens!

The Results of the Mid-Terms proved the American Resistance will not fade into the dark. A net gain of +40 Democratic Seats in the US House to the GOP’s -40! Biggest Mid-Term gain in over 40 years…since Watergate! It was truly made up of America’s Huddled Masses! Every Color, every Race, every Creed…from every social persuasion and background. And many “First Ever”…from Transsexual Governors to Native American Women in Congress, to African & Middle Eastern Immigrants, now all Representing the United States of America. But especially; Women! Women! Women!

The GOP? What this group of Lilly White Misogynist Bullies and Cowards probably hate the most, aside from losing the US House? Rabble-rousing Women who are not going to take their fellow “Male” Colleagues’ Psychobabble Bullshit anymore!
These Huddled Masses are certainly Yearning to Breathe Free and no one is going to, or about to stop them in any way…any time soon!

For the next 2 years, things are not going to be too rosy around the Rose Garden, Trump Towers, or even in Mar-a-Lago! The Family Trump will have nowhere to hide from his Fake News and his Enemies of the People…AKA, the Press. The ‘real’ US House of Representatives is back on Jan 3rd, and open for Legislative Business…besides performing their Constitutional Duty of keeping the Check & Balances of the American Government.

For the next 2 years, with House Investigations up the kazoo, Mueller making life miserable, and a total so far of 17 State & Federal Investigations on Trump’s personal Faux Dynasty, our President will fight back and counter with even more Racism, keep promoting Rabid Nationalism, and spew the greatness of Authoritarian Murdering Dictators around the Globe.

Washington Post Publisher Fred Ryan wrote; “A Clear and Dangerous Message has been sent to Tyrants around the World: Flash enough Money in front of the President of the United States, and you can literally get away with Murder”.

The message is Loud & Clear; The fight against Trumpism is not just about Checksums & Balances…America has a hard, long battle ahead…a fight to Resist and Change today’s sordid Trumpian Atmosphere of Vice!

We, the People cannot ever accept complacency in our today’s Society! Foremost, we must Combat Hate & Racism…if the type of Hatred we have today can’t be stopped, this violence will continue and it will get much worse! Right now, this Country is in a seriously desperate need of achieving some type of National Dialogue to address these Issues.

Waiting till 2020 may just be too late, cause 2020 might never arrive!!! Nothing is out the realm of a Criminal Psychopath to keep Power at any cost!

It’s not too wise not taking things seriously these days… resist the Trumpian “norms” of continuous Lies with the Truth! and don’t be afraid to shout it out loud! Confront the shameful lies of all these Cowards and all their “Fake News” horseshit with the real true Cornerstone of our Democracy…the American Free Press!

America! You cannot sit on your Tokhes and allow Vulgarity set the tone for this Nation! We’re in a battle for the Soul of America, the Beautiful…a very dangerous battle between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil.

And beware! Trump says; “If I’m Indicted in any way…the American People will rise up in mass Violence to defend Me”! Is this another Wink and a Nod? a call to White Fascist Americans to rise-up? And if it is? Is it considered Inciting a Mass Riot or Inciting an entire Violent Revolution?

What kept America Great? It’s our Honor, our Word, and a little American Ingenuity that made us the Greatest Country on Earth! We must Resist & Fight today’s Evil with all our might! This is not a “Reality Show”…reality shows are mostly “Fake”, there’s nothing Fake about this Faux President’s ideology and that of his Following. They are as Real and as Evil as they come!

There are few times in History where we truly have no other choice but to stand-up for our beliefs or lose those rights, at least for sure the rest of our lifetime and probably our Children’s too! Does anyone need to tell you; Do not go Gentle into that Good Night!?!? And yes! you gotta Rage Rage against the Dying of the Light! We, the People cannot ever allow the Trumpian Forces of Darkness exploit our Weaknesses, and put out the Fire and the Passion this Nation stands for! We’re supposed to be smarter than that, Folks! …but, are We?




Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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RF Schatten

RF Schatten

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living a Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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