Violating Human Rights: The Child Abuse of an Immoral Govt.

“There can be no keener revelation of Society’s Soul than the way it treats its Children” ~~~ Nelson Mandela

How Despicable and Indecent can a human being, be? It’s really easier than you might think, if you’re Donald Trump…he’s never even had a “Moral” thought his entire life!…and with his outright love for Pure Evil, “Despicable” is an insult to all Despicable People! It’s just too nice a term to describe this Psychopathic Narcissist with his grandiose ambitions of lavish grandeur…oh, yes! “The Great Dictator”!

Money and Absolute Power is all Donald Trump really wants! Vladimir Putin? For the Right Price, he’ll certainly sell off America…lock, stock, and barrel… to Russia. Or if not, to the Highest Bidder!

Treason? Please!!! Donald Trump just doesn’t give a shit about Treason!!!

Using the Innocence of a Crying Child as a bargaining chip for negotiations about a fucking wall that will never ever materialize, is simply repulsive and disgusting! How much Cruelty and Indifference in his Infernal Soul, does this Immoral Human Being have?!?!

Totally, an indecent act by one of the most indecent of Humans, God has ever put on this Earth.

What can anyone say? Our Faux President and the US Government’s Dept. of Justice is literally, ‘illegally’ holding Children hostage!!!…and all for Trump’s Personal & Political Enrichments.

Let’s be honest, it’s all about the Immorality & Indecency of America’s #1 Fake! The Con-artist/Snake Oil Salesman extraordinaire, the man who’s a seriously demented & an extremely dangerous Charlatan…but, beloved and loyally followed by every 2-bit uneducated Bigot, Racist, Indecent Hateful Degenerate, White Nationalist/Supremacist, and Ethnic Separatist in America!

Yea! In America!…where a Fascist Trump is trying to Legitimize Hate, Lies, Vulgarity, and Indecency, along with the Ku Klux Klan, and the American Neo-Nazis by calling them all; “Fine and Decent People”. How sweet, for this Treasonous President to call Fascists; Fine & Decent People!

And not just in America!…Trump has inspired hope to Fascists and other Extreme Right Wing Movements throughout the World.

Publicly “Embracing” Criminal Nations like Russia, Turkey, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, now North Korea, and in most part, Israel and their continued everlasting atrocities and Genocide towards Palestinians!
All of this…while severely scolding, belittling, and threatening NATO, all of America’s Historic Natural Allies, and naturally…destroying American Credibility while demeaning our own American Intelligence!

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a racist supreme & degenerate low-life, is making early reservations to spend his Eternity in Hell. A so-called Sunday School Teacher and a Christian who lives incognito inside his ‘closet’…a la Mike Spence…Sessions degenerately smirks away in front of the cameras while using parts of the Bible as his explanation for the DOJ’s decision of “illegally” separating Children from their Parents!

A Christian? Bullshit! How Morally Indecent and Sinfully wrong is it to use Bible verses & references to justify committing illegal criminal acts, that are clearly…way above the Law??

“Don’t worry, where you’re going is like a Summer Camp, and have fun”. FUN? Hey, Laura! If your 3 Kids, that you say; “I love and care so very much” about, were taken away from you, literally ripped out of your hands…for any reason whatsoever by Govt. Officials! Would you give a damn, fight, and do whatever it takes to stop it and get them back? Or, would you let them have the fun of being in cages like in ‘your’ summer camps? What would hypocrites like Laura Ingraham, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump do If their kids are forcibly…and illegally!…taken away from them?

Honestly? Donny wouldn’t give a damn if his Comedic Team of Jr. & Eric disappear, preferably before they open their big mouths once again, giving Mueller more ammunition. But his beloved Ivanka? Hey! Hey! Hey!…stop right there! The great dealmaker would even exchange Melania for Ivanka in ‘several’ seconds! Melania? Pack her up, put a bow on her, place a Fed-Ex Label, and sent her back to Slovenia. Oh! She’ll go very willingly…in a ‘split’ second! No Tracking necessary! Besides, Ivanka has always been the natural First Lady in Daddy’s obsessive & lustful Eyes.

Fun??? Oh, Boy! Just like the Jews had fun…when they were “separated” from ‘their’ families and told; Women and Children, go take a nice and refreshing shower…just go through ‘that’ door!

The Evil of “Ethnic Separation”?…it’s only the beginning, and yes! It’s the 1st step in the act of mass Genocide!

Taking Babies away!…right off their Mothers’ Breasts, while still Nursing?!?! Kids with Down Syndrome taken away, and no understanding why!?!? Kids of all sizes and ages, Crying & Screaming…pleading for their Mothers or Fathers. That’s Child Abuse! any which way you try to cut it!

It’s all this another Trail of Tears? Another Manzanar? It’s incredible how America’s Moral Judgment keeps Lifting and Lowering the Bar of Morality & Decency throughout the years? It’s just another shameful episode in America’s History!

Where is your Heart, Donald Trump?!?! A Cold, Heartless, and Insensitive Human Being?…always been!! His open delight for vicious acts of revenge against people and populations that always looked at him as a phony and as a clown, is all part of this Illegal Exercise!!

Zero Tolerance!…sure! and this chronically ignorant Douchebag thinks he’s a Nobel Laureate Candidate?

Now, Trumpo blames the Democrats and Obama for these Kids being taken away. More Lies? Naturally! It’s all part of the “Big Lie” by the biggest Liar in American History.
No, Grand Master Liar! There is absolutely no Federal Law, whatsoever, that requires Parents and Children to be Separated at the Border…Mexico’s or Canada’s!

The Policy resulting in that outcome was enacted in May, 2018. No, not by Bill Clinton in 1997, no! it wasn't Obama, either! And no, it wasn't Crooked Hillary. And now, the ghost of Dwight Eisenhower, somehow. has been resurrected by Trump?!?! Running out of people to blame? If it was enacted in April or May of 2018 and signed by Trump!…it has to be non-other than Donald Trump! Even if this bone-spurred Son of a Bitch says he did not!

A “law to separate families” was enacted ‘prior’ to April 2018, and the federal government is powerless not to enforce it? Repeat that?? Oh! Lies, Lies, and more of the same Trump Spiel. How the hell can the Trump Government be powerless not to enforce an Act Trump created himself, in 2018?

You don’t believe it? Check out the records signed by Trump, at the US Library of Congress. You can read his scribbled thick-sharpie signature clearly, cause Trump didn't tear this Document up!…a big load off those who have to paste them back together for historical preservation, every single day since El Trumpo became President!

We have Children traumatically separated from their Mothers, ‘Illegally’ by a US Administration and the Dept. of Justice. Holding Children in Cages with nothing but their bare butts to sleep on the floors! AND THE WORLD IS LOOKING IN DISGUST at Fascist/Trumpian America…and how Trump has destroyed America’s credibility, respectability, its decency, its most precious Democracy, and that 242 year old American Dream…in 1 ½ years!

It’s a National Disgrace what Donald Trump has done with these Children! Using them as hostages and blackmailing America for his own wants. SHAME!! to all the Heartless, Insensitive, Anti-Altruists Liars that call themselves Trumpians, and who are fanatically crazy enough to even die for their Fuhrer! SHAME!! to all those who voted for him and prefer to remain silent!

But most of all; SHAME!! to all those incredible Cowards in the GOP who still can’t pull up their pants and grow some Cojones!!

Children are being used as Political Pawns! And all of us in this Country are Accomplices for allowing this sub-humanoid to do it…and get away with it! Wake Up, America! smell the Coffee and Rise Up against this Obscene Injustice! and this Obscene President!…or, be prepared to lose it all!

Mandela was absolutely right about a Society’s Soul and its treatment of Children. Right now, because of Trumpism, America is no longer looked up as the Leader of the Free World. Trump’s vision of the future? Flip sides and join Assassins and Human Rights Violators like Putin in Russia, Duterte in the Philippines, Erdogan in Turkey…and now, his affection for “Little Rocket Man” in North Korea, the current world Human Rights Violation Champ!

Suffering Children and Human Rights Violation doesn't mean anything to this Wannabee Dictator! Kissing Babies and being Father-friendly has never been his forte…just ask both of his Ex-wives…and ask Melania, after she Bitch-slaps him with a Massive Divorce Suit, gets represented by Michael Avenatti, and gets him for everything he owns to his very last Copper Penny!

Now, with a Nationwide, Worldwide, and Politically Bipartisan outrage…especially the embarrassment from all the Living 1st Ladies’ Tweets, plus Melania calling him out for his Cruel and Insensitive Behavior…Trump signed an Executive Order to essentially stop his own original Executive Order to Separate Children from their Parents. There’s an awfully large number of Kids, taken away and placed in other states, who are still completely unaccounted for!

Officially, the Donald Trump Watch started Jan. 20th, 2017! Will the President ever take full responsibility for losing Thousands of Children during “His watch”?

Trump taking responsibility? Never! Human Rights? What Rights? What Problem? No problem with Putin, none with Erdogan, none with Duterte, and definitely no problems with Kim Jung Un! Now, with His latest bromance and America’s new-era of Allies…It’s no surprise Trump and the United States withdrew from the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. “Human Rights” means nothing to this group of Sick sub-Humanoid Scoundrels!

So! this is where we have arrived in the Age of Trump: Children Traumatically suffering long term Psychological effects, and Human Rights Violations openly flaunted and treated as Lies, and in the words of “Eugenics” Advocate Ann Coulter; “They’re all Actors, just making it all up”! Oh! The web of lies and deceit by this Administration! The truth about Trump’s Insanity? THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS “officially” called Trump’s Policy; “CHILD ABUSE”!

Now, what? Can America ever recover and become Great, Again? Without Dreams, there’s no Hope. At one time, in times of crisis, Americans all pulled together, helped each other…and had each other’s back! Yea! It was a Quieter and Gentler times for America.

We were a Moral, Compassionate, and Humanitarian Nation. We were the Shining Star! & Moral Compass! for Human Rights throughout the World!…but the irony of it all; Because, we were like that, we truly became that “American Dream” for so many more around the World!

It is our Moral Obligation & Responsibility for the Future of Our Children and Our Grandchildren, all around the World, to Keep Hope…and the American Dream, Alive! Resist! and never give up!! #Resistencia #Resist

Written by

Ret. Respiratory Therapist, Beatnik by birth & still living my Bohemian life, Thinker, Essayist, Blogger, & Lifelong Pragmatic Progressive/Liberal Activist

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